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And after that little episode, I did mind DiNozzo.I was very careful.He still spoke to me though, like nothing ever really happened, like we never exchanged words – a ticking time bomb I tell you.

But I couldn’t help but to think back to how close he came to me when he was threatening me.His face, his eyes were all so vivid, so clear, so… sexy.The key thing here is that he threatened me – right? Yet I was daydreaming about this guy.I needed to get my priorities straight.Afterall, he was my best friend’s boyfriend and my boyfriend’s best friend!

Can I let you in on a little secret though?Promise you won’t tell a soul?Do you know that I had the opportunity to fuck Michael?And when I say fuck… I mean really really fuck him?

As I mentioned, he’s really into my best friend now, but still…. I just thought I’d share what could have been with you.

Michael had gotten a fever, and it was bad.He was downright delirious.He had taken medication on top of that and was absolutely out of it.Anna was busy with school that evening so she asked me to check up on him.Sean was out for the weekend so guess what?No disturbances. I entered the dark bedroom and turned on the standing lamp by the door.“The bright room light made his eyes ache.” Anna had said so the lamp was the only thing he could tolerate.

DiNozzo was lying there, knocked out, wearing nothing but a pair of cream linen drawstring trousers.I looked at his chest.He was sweating the fever away.I could make out he was shivering.I could also make out that he wasn’t wearing any underwear under those pants.Is it wrong to mention that I got a real thrill out of that?The heat rose again.I couldn’t help but to look at it.I mean… it was right there.He moaned a little in pain.

I sat at the edge of the bed. “Michael?” I whispered.

He passed his right hand over his wet forehead. “Anna.Anna, I think I’m dying.Quickly, call my lawyer.”

Although I considered him a pain, he had a sick sense of humor sometimes.I took the small towel beside him, leaned over and whiped his forehead.He didn’t move; he actually stayed put as I slipped down to his neck. He was so handsome!

“Anna, really,” he said, whilst breathing faintly, “I think I’m dying.Do me a favor; read the dosage again.I think I might have overdosed.” He said and tried pointing to the medication on the side table.

He was being a big baby.The fever definitely had him rambling and restless.

But then… his hot hands suddenly dropped on my bare thighs and rode up my skirt, almost to my panties.I gasped lightly.

I wasn’t Anna!This wasn’t Anna.

“You know…” he said lightly with his eyes closed and swallowing his saliva, “I read somewhere if you want to get rid of a fever in lightning speed that sex is the best way to go about it.... just sweat it out,”

I froze.Can you believe it?Here was this guy, who looked like he was half past dead, delirious, aching, weak, and had obviously passed out after his statement, and all he could think about at that very moment was fucking.What luck – right?But I wasn’t Anna!I looked down at his arm where his hand had magically disappeared and was just resting under my skirt lifeless.

Maybe I should have said something.I stared at his beautiful face, then down at his beautiful torso; and the sharp V-cut leading into his pants; it was so sweet and delicious to behold. I was so fucking horny at that moment I actually started salivating.I would do anything to see what was in there.Anything.All I had to do was tug ever so lightly on the drawstring and there it would be.He was delirious. He wanted sex.He thought I was Anna. This would have been perfect.

I started getting greedy and envious of Anna.Anna; my best friend.Is that a good thing to admit? That I was envious of my best friend?I wanted DiNozzo again and this time the feeling was worse than ever. One peek wouldn’t hurt anybody – right?All I had to do was just look in.But, in looking in, it won’t hurt anyone if I just touch – right?What’s in a touch?It won’t hurt anybody… that is… unless he gets hard in my groping.If that happens then… a blowjob won’t hurt anyone.God I would do anything to experience DiNozzo that way.But then he’d think it was Anna and would be calling out her name.Honestly, at that point, I won’t give a fuck. Fuck. Hmmm. Fuck?Blowjob might turn into fucking.I could fuck DiNozzo.But it would have to be quick – just slide off my panties and mount him; give him the rodeo of his life, make him cum and clean up like shit never happened… then he’d think it was all a dream. He’d think he was dream fucking Anna. No one would have to know.

As insanely clever and yes, psychotic as that sounded, I couldn’t take that chance.Yes, DiNozzo was delirious, but how delirious was he? I was about to stand and in doing so, I felt his lifeless fingers brush against my panties.My knees gave way slightly; I almost dropped to the floor by hardly a touch from this man.I mean… hell!If I reacted that way by a fingernail… would I even ever survive the whole thrill ride?Did Anna have more stamina than me?

Anna.Anna, my best friend.I shouldn’t be thinking this way.I looked at him laying there.He was such an eye candy… eye candy with brains; total package minus the commitment.

I did myself a favor and left the room.I took a shot of tequila and stayed in the living area until Anna came home three hours later.Three hours!Do you know what could have happened in three hours?I could have sucked the fever right out of him in one, fuck him in the other and have him fuck me in the third… Okay, maybe the third wouldn’t have happened like that but hey…

Here I go again.I shouldn’t be saying that about my best friend’s boyfriend.I’m starting to think maybe I’m just sick in the head.Maybe I need to go see a doctor – to see what’s in there.You’re probably saying that that’s the most logical think I’ve mentioned so far. Well….. FUCK YOU!!!