19 || Some Moments of Love

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Khushali was sleeping peacefully when she heard her phone buzz. Lazily, she searched for her phone on the bedside table. It took her few seconds to finally find her cellphone. Without even bothering to check the name of the caller, she tapped the receive button and sleepily said, "Hello, who's there?"

"Your husband, Sidharth Mehra," replied the caller, Khushali's husband, Sidharth.

"Hey, hubby. Why are you calling me at this time," she took a pause to check the time on the table, "4 in morning? Anything important?"

"Yes, it's damn important!" exclaimed Sidharth in a very serious tone.

His tone at once drove away Khushali's sleepiness and she sat up straight in her bed. Switching on the lights, with hints of fear in her voice, she asked, "What happened, Sidharth? Everything's fine na?"

But Sidharth didn't reply, which made Khushali quite scared and worst of all the worst things floating around in her head. The silence kept lingering for few seconds, when finally Sidharth ended the suspense, making Khushali very angry with his answer.

"How can anything be fine when I haven't seen my wifey for two whole days! That's so tortuous, I miss you, Khushali. Why can't you just come back tomorrow, it's so boring here with you," whined Sidharth, lying on his bed.

Flaring her nostrils on his hearing stupid answer, Khushali huffily responded by saying, "You know what, Sidharth, I'm planning to extend my stay here for a week. You enjoy there, alone!"

"What yaar, wifey? I'm missing you so much, and you're planning to extend your trip? That's unfair with me," said Sidharth, grimacing, as if Khushali would see his foul look.

"Acha, that's unfair? And what you? You literally scared the hell out of me. Please don't do that again," requested Khushali. From the time Sagar had died, Khushali had grown quite scared of attending phone calls or being woken up in the middle of the night as it literally meant something wasn't right or her loved ones weren't safe.

"Fine, I won't," said Sidharth, making Khushali sigh, "but not before you tell me, what is the main reason for this sudden stay at your parents' house. I've been wondering about it, but can't seem to figure out a particular valid reason, though there are two plausible reasons I've shortlisted. But I can't settle on one of them. Maybe because only you could do that."

And now, it was Khushali's turn to stay quiet. From Sidharth's tone, she could easily guess out that somewhere he was pointing toward Sagar, but wasn't ready to say that out loud to her. And vaguely she didn't like it. Though, she was somewhat in love with Sidharth, but her past with Sagar was still a part of her, and she was fiercely guarded and protective about it.

Still composing herself, she tried to cover up by responding, "No, there's nothing like that. I was just missing my parents. So, I came here to stay with them. You're reading too much between the lines."

"I'm not on the same wavelength as you about this. Maybe you were just missing your ex fiancé, that's why you left for your parents' home, to give yourself some time off our marriage and relive your past. And I'm quite sure on this, though the other reason is equally plausible, but I'd like to go with this," said Sidharth calmly, with envy and anger concealed in his tone.

Khushali, much to his dismay, caught the jealously and anger in his tone, which miffed her. Unknowingly, she was disappointed with her husband. From the time of their marriage, he had never questioned her about her past, infact he had told her to take her time. And so did she. But why was he being like this now? So intrusive and irked. Because he now knew that she was aware of the fact that Sagar didn't die an untimely death. That he didn't die in a mishap. That he was murdered, killed brutally and somewhere Sidharth was associated to it. But even then she trusted him, didn't she? Then why was he being so envious and invasive, she couldn't decipher.

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