Chapter 33

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As Emily and I saw the handle on the small door press down, we both realised that this was it. They were inevitably going to see us.

My breathing became shallower. I was actually nervous that she was going to find us in here. The consequences would be pretty strict. She seemed to have it in for us.

Oh, how I could not wait for our next art lesson.

I only hoped that Matt had walked away before she opened it – so that he wouldn’t know what we had overheard.

She seemed to have him wrapped around her little finger.

I looked around the small space, trying to find somewhere to hide, or at least conceal ourselves long enough for them to get the paints without noticing us.

 There was nowhere of course. It was a tiny little space that could only just fit four people in, as we had earlier discovered.

After the school declared that they were no longer going to use these closet things, we had persisted to use them as our own little hide outs.

We always used them to cut class.

Vicki, Joel, Mikey and I planned our huge prank from inside this closet.

But as she opened the door, I saw his legs that were still standing there.

 He hadn’t walked away. I wondered if he was going to say more to her, but when he saw us he immediately stopped himself from doing so.

As swung the door back quickly and stared at us in shock horror. Glancing back at Matt for back-up made it clear to us that she had no idea what to say.

Her mouth opened a few times, before closing again. It seemed that she was stopping herself from saying one thing, in order to say something else. But then she would stop herself again.

“Girls…what….what are you doing in there?” she asked, somewhat fearful and confused. I wasn’t looking at her, however, and so I couldn’t see the expression on her face.

 I knew Emily was though.

I was staring up at Matt, into his eyes. He was scared, confused and angry. No doubt he was searching his brain, trying to concoct lies the worm himself out of the situation, and away from my probing.

But, the more I thought about it, the more I realised she was right. He wouldn’t have stuck around for the duration of the conversation if he didn’t still at least have feelings for her.

“Never mind what we are doing here!” Emily exclaimed as she got up out of the cupboard. “What do you think you’re doing slagging students off to teachers?” she questioned.

 I was exhilarated that Emily was sticking up for me.

I wouldn’t have done it on my own. I was far too pissed off at Matt to do anything more than stare. I climbed out, and shrugged my shoulders uncomfortably.

I wanted more than anything to get myself involved, but knew I was already in enough trouble

“Do not use that tone of voice with me, young lady. Get to the principal’s office, both of you. Now!” she reacted, pointing towards Mr Jackson’s office.

“You see!” Emily retorted aggressively. “You aren’t denying talking about her are you?”

At Emily’s challenge, she never rose. Instead she turned to Matt for back up and support. I glared at him as he flickered his eyes back and forth from both of us. He didn’t know what to do.

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