Deep Dreams [Chapter 1]

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Deep Dreams

 okay since people actually couldnt understand the first part of the story!, this first part this one!, is Jaime's dream she dreaming about this!, when it says i woke up is done, that is real world! okay, thanks!

I take a deep breath, I closed my eyes …

The wind started to blow, I lay on the grass, the sun was shining on my face, while slow music was being played, and I stand up. I pull up a tulip to my hands, smelling feeling this glorious and intriguer smell, The wind started to blow, stronger, making the petals fall from the tulips and then all of them started to fly together like a symphony and then they me raise into the sky, like if I was actually flying, reaching the clouds, feeling them soft and warm, like a nice summer day, slow and intriguing music, is being played, I started to spin around, and fall into the clouds.

 I watch the garden, from up here, it was so beautiful, the tulips were moving like, music, like if violins were heard and a master was making the tulips move, to make a fascinating music, honored to hear. I smiled with such happiness, but all ended the tulips stopped moving, the music was dead silence and the sky started to get darker. A clap of thunder, ended the peace, landing in the garden, it started to smoke and second fire.

“Stop!” I shouted with concerned, the clouds started to change color, getting black and heavy making myself more difficult to move. Like if I was being conned.

“Please stop,” I shouted to the sky, while everything was being burned, my eyes started watering , and all of the sudden I started falling, I shouted of fear,, while the sky started crying, I was near, near to hit myself into the ground and lose my life, in such a glorious place, and then…

I woke up, my heart was beating anxiously, I touched my forehead, feeling sweat around it, I stand up and grabbed a towel, I walked to the bathroom, and take a warm slow shower. I wrapped the towel around my body and started to walk,, but I felt a prick in my feet I raised my feet seeing blood getting out i 

I flinch in the reaction and felt and uncomfortable pain getting threw me while I take out the pain.

I picked it up and throw it to the trash can, I grabbed a towel and take away the blood from my feet, I put on my uniform and my Black shoes, I grabbed my bag and started walking downstairs. I grabbed my keys of the table that was next to the mirror; I opened the door and started walking in the streets.

I loud shout distracted me, I turned around , a man in his car was losing control over his car, he was coming directly to me, my eyes were wide open, maybe it’s time, I closed my eyes.

“Thanks God” nothing else to remember…

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