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Jackie's POV

With the wedding two days away, everyone was going crazy! There was no time to do anything except get things ready.

I didn't have time to sit down and read a magazine or watch television. I didn't have time to go shopping at the mall for a bikini for my own honeymoon. I didn't have time to see my parents or see my grandparents, or any of my family members that came from New York and Northern California. I didn't even have time to get my everyday morning sickness or my evening sickness! 

I did however have time to notice my jeans no longer fit comfortably. I now was struggling to button them up. It was difficult and very frustrating. It was a little upsetting how I had to settle for leggings instead of my jeans that fit me not even a week ago. 

Brian had done his fair share of the planning and most of his packing, so he went out for a few beers with the guys. I took the opportunity to pack my things.

I wasn't exactly sure what to pack for Cabo San Lucas. It wasn't really tough considering that no jeans fit me, so jeans were clearly out of the picture. Brian was going to know the evening of the reception that I'm pregnant, and I was hoping he'd be happy. That meant I could wear dresses and skirts with out him constantly asking why I was wearing them so often.  

I packed a weeks worth of dresses, leggings, shirts, blouses, underwear, you name it, it was in my suitcases. 

And it was a miracle that I had time to sit down and enjoy a Subway sandwich and a big cup of soda, which I hadn't had in so many months. It was all healthy food, besides the soda of course. But I enjoyed it. I also had maybe a few chips. I needed them, though. My baby was craving fatty foods!  

There was a loud familiar laugh at the door, making me turn and wait to see who it was. Of course, Brian came stumbling in the house, holding on for dear life to the knob. He smiled and sloppily waved, "What's up baby? You're still up?" 

I returned the waved and continued eating the Doritos, "Yeah, I got hungry so I went down to Subway. I finished writing the checks, they're on the table ready to go." 

As he made his way into the kitchen, I heard a loud clash. I flinched as an initial reaction, quickly standing up, and sprinting into the kitchen. "What happened?" I asked, entering to find a few glasses broken on the floor. Brian rubbed his eyes,  "Are you okay?" 

"I'm fine." He giggled, "I just dropped them. I thought it was one glass and they fell." 

I sighed, "I'll clean it up. Go eat the rest of my sandwich or something. You have to sober up." 

He leaned against the counter as I took the broom in my hands and started sweeping the glass, pushing them into a corner. He was just staring at me doing so and I wasn't sure what he was looking at. 

"Baby." He said, his voice sounding lethargic.

"Yes?" I responded, taking the dust pan and lining it up with the glass on the floor. 

He giggled before he continued on, "You've gotten a little chunky." Those words made me hate my body. "Like, you're not as skinny as you were a few weeks ago. Your ass got pretty," I turned to him and saw his hand movements as they made mirrored curves, "Round." 

I swallowed hard, trying not to let his drunken thoughts get to me, "What are you trying to say? That I've gotten fat?" 

He snickered,  "No! I'm just saying. You've gotten kind of-" 

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