Chapter 7

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Arielle was freezing her balls off. The numbness had already claimed her hands and feet, and was slowly starting to make it's way around her entire body. Arielle blew on her hands to warm them up before wincing at the painful stinging sensation that ricocheted through her hands. Arielle studied her fingers to see if she'd gotten frostbite yet.

While her hands were past the point of being florid,(they were more of a purplish-blue color) they were far from being black...but not for long. If she stayed out much longer she would get frostbite and that wasn't very high on her list right now.

Arielle's List:
1) Find out where the hell she was
2)Find out how to get out of where she was
3)Find out a way to get rid of the (scary yet beautiful) vampire tailing her
4)Find a hippie town to live in

It wasn't a busy night. Barley any cars had passed her. She could faintly hear a dog barking in the distance. She had no idea what time it was or how long she'd been walking. Arielle could have been walking thirty minutes or two hours (she doubted that long but the screaming of her muscles made her think otherwise).

She walked a while longer when she saw it. Her saving grace. A 7/11 gas station. Arielle felt like falling to her knees and praising the gods. Escaping seemed closer now than ever.

As she got closer, Arielle could have sworn she heard something behind her. She looked behind her and squinted into the darkness. It was hard to see with the only light source being these crappy amber street lights. Arielle didn't see anything so she continued trekking up the road towards the 7/11.  If it was a human she wasn't really that afraid. Since the party and attack at the institute Arielle was confidante she could take down a human or two with no problems. Again, she heard the noise. Arielle turned around. Maybe it was a raccoon or bear. Wouldn't that be funny? Creatures thought to be mythical couldn't take her down but watch her get killed by a dog with rabies. At first Arielle thought it was an animal, she could see their eyes reflecting in the dark, but that thought was quickly pushed from her mind when she saw the color. Gold.

Arielle didn't hesitate. She took off running towards the 7/11. It was so close yet so far away! Arielle pushed herself harder when she saw a man walk out of the gas station.

"HELP! Please, help me!" She screamed.

The man turned towards her voice. She could almost see his eyes widened as he processed the scene he was witnessing, a teenage girl running at him screaming bloody murder.

"HE--" Arielle was cut off by a cool hand wrapping itself around her mouth.

This didn't discourage Arielle, she kept screaming through the hand, thrashing about in the steel-like strength of the vampire's arms. She watched the man's mouth drop in disbelieve as she was pulled into the shadows, disappearing. She didn't stop struggling.

"Calm down," the vampire whispered into her ear, calm yet agitated.

"If I let go with you scream?"

Arielle shook her head no. For a moment she meant it. That moment didn't last very long. Once Arielle saw the vampire had lowered her arms, she took off running again, screaming for help. She didn't get three steps in before the vampire tackled her. The vampire grabbed her arms as they flailed around, pinning Arielle to the ground. Arielle kicked and yelled for help. The vampire growled at her.

"Stop resisting. I'm trying helping you. Listen to me."

Arielle didn't stop fighting. The vampire let out an irritated growl.

"Listen to my voice. Stop fighting me. I'm helping you," the vampire's voice has changed. It sounded even more hypnotizing than usual.

Arielle felt herself calm down despite the struggle inside her mind. The vampire was right. Of course she was helping Arielle. She got her out of the asylum. And now she was taking her to the.... No! The vampire was using some sort of mind control thingie on Arielle.

"Stop doing that!" Arielle cried outraged.

The vampire on top of her reeled back with an almost comical look of shock on her face. Her golden eyes widened as she looked down at Arielle. Arielle was surprised the vampire let her guard down that much, this was the most emotion she has showed Arielle yet. The vampire seemed to regain her emotions because in a flash her face went blank once more.

"Listen to me," the vampires voice was no longer hypnotic, "if I don't take you to the council we'll both be killed. You'll be killed for knowing about vampires and I'll be killed for letting you go when you know about vampires. The council is the best bet of you have to continue living."

Arielle took a deep breath to calm herself. That did make sense. This jacked up council would kill her for knowing about their secret race and then proceed to kill the vampire on top of her. Arielle stilled before flushing red. Oh my gosh that vampire was on top of her! Arielle pushed the vampire off of her and sat up. The vampire watched her with a guarded expression. No doubt wondering if Arielle was going to run off again. Arielle didn't though. She slumped in defeat. It wasn't like she could outrun the vampire race forever.

Soon, they were back into the car and off to who knows where. The vampire surprised Arielle when she stopped at a Waffle "Awful" House. Personally, Arielle had nothing against the Awful Waffle. She once heard a friend call it that and it stunk ever since. Together they walked in and sat down at a table. The Awful Waffle was deserted except for a few people with questionable motives and appearances. A middle aged lady (who smelled like cigarettes and broken dreams) asked for their order. Once she walked away Arielle turned towards the vampire. She had a million questions racing through her head but the first one she asked was:

"What's your name?"

It was almost embarrassing. She should be asking more serious questions like 'What are the chances of me becoming a Blood Donor?' or maybe 'What exactly is this vampire council?' but no, Arielle had to ask the personal questions because whether she'd admit it or not (which she probably wouldn't) she was forming a crush on the powerful vampire in front of her.

The vampire watched her for a moment before answering. Her velvety voice causing Arielle to shiver (against her will!).


Arielle opened her mouth to ask another question when the waitress came back with her food. For obvious reasons Selene didn't order anything. Arielle leaned back into her seat and didn't miss the boarder-line hostile stares their waitress aimed at Selene as she walked away. Arielle studied the vampire and couldn't blame the waitress. Selene had this gracefulness about her that was natural. Even in repose she looked both dangerous and elegant. It almost hurt to look at her. Selene hadn't even noticed the waitress, she was too busy watching Arielle. Arielle shifted uncomfortably in her seat and took an awkward sip of orange juice. The vampire was watching her as if Arielle was about to jump up and start running again. Arielle wouldn't start running again because it was pointless (and tiring).

Arielle leaned towards Selene and Selene did the same. They had no idea how they looked to the other people in the restaurant (if you could call the Awful Waffle that). To everyone else they looked like a pair of girls who seemed to close to each other to be considered friends.  Arielle silently relished in the closeness between them.

"You have a lot of explaining to do Selene," Arielle said in a slightly teasing tone.

Selene smirked at Arielle.

"Ask away."

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