The Shield Imagine

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You are a WWE Diva, New member of the shield and Dean Ambrose’s ex girlfriend. Things didn’t end very well with

the two of you, there was a lot of foul language and items being thrown at walls. You were just as crazy and

aggressive as Dean, which didn’t make things easier. You were anything but happy about working

with you ex, I mean who would want that? It is the main event of Monday night RAW and The Shield is set

to attack John Cena. After Cena picks up a win SIERRA, HOTEL, INDIA, ECHO, LIMA, DELTA…….SHIELD is sounded

through the arena. You can’t help but giggle at Cena’s facial expression. Dean shoots you a glade making your

smile fade and turn into anger. The boys make their way down the ramp as you follow behind.

      You were told not to get involved this time so you just sat back and watched them finish him off. After the dirty work

was done you and the boys headed backstage and into the parking lot. It’s crazy how close you have become with Roman

and Seth, you had a bit of a crush on Seth. You made it obvious to him, Dean, and Roman. Roman obviously

didn’t really give a shit, Dean on the other hand was jealous. “You know, you looked pretty hot out there right?" Seth says

biting his lip. “Oh stop it!" You blush. Dean looks at You and Seth with disgust written all over his face. “Don’t

mix Business with pleasure, it always ends bad" Dean says looking at Seth, then at you.

      You roll your eyes and walk ahead of the boys and into the RV all of you had to share. After everyone gets a shower

etc. Dean leaves off the RV. Seth and Roman fall asleep by time he gets back. “I got you something" He says not making

eye contact. “Keep it, I don’t want it" You say not even looking at him. “Please, just take it" He begs. “No!" You say.

Dean lets out a sigh as he gets into bed. The next morning Seth and Roman get off the RV before you and Dean wake up.

When you wake up Dean is already up. You rub your eyes and fix your messy bun and go to get something to eat.

     You see Dean and go to walk into the other direction, but he stops you. “Y/N look, I know I wasn’t the

best boyfriend ever, but I miss you!" He says. You can see in his eyes that he really meant it. “I….I miss you too"

You say just above a whisper. Dean smirks and grabs your hand and pulls you onto the sofa and begins kissing you.

You give into his temptation. Clothing flies in all areas of the RV and you end up laying on your back, naked

on the sofa with Dean hovering over you kissing your neck. “I’ve missed you so much" He says seductively before he

puts his length inside you.

       You moan loudly, knowing the other superstars exiting their RV’s would hear. You back arches and you toes curl

as he continues. “DEAN!" you scream as you climax. He continues until he reaches his climax. He callapses

onto you, not putting all his weight on you so he won’t hurt you. “Can…I…Have….One…. More Chance?" He struggles

You nod as you hear a knock on the door.


(yes, very long. I know lol, I wanted it to be detailed :P)

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