[Teen Fiction + LGBT] (1)

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A girl and her sister are best friends. They tell each other everything. Or so [main character sister] thinks. That is until she catches her sister kissing another girl. 

Possible situations:

1) Family is homophobic. She was previously homophobic. Now she must figure out if she wants to change her views and accept her sister, or give into that feeling of betrayal and shun her.

2) They grow distant. Years later, they're forced to come together for their mom's funeral. Her sister brings her partner. She is forced to deal with her sister's lifestyle. 

3) Their family is homophobic, she decides to stand by her sister. Their parents find out and kick the sister out. She decides to leave with her sister. They have to survive together.

4) The same as above, but parents don't want straight sister to leave, so they put up with gay sister. Deals with tension in the household. Issues of having a gay sister being made fun of at school. How much does she want to stand by her sister?

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