Daily Ramblings (3) [Teen Fiction]

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We're reading Slaughter-House Five for English. I like buying my own books, but all the other kids got to the bookstores way before me. So I had to check it out from the library until the stores get more copies in stock. I was flipping through it and saw a piece of paper sticking in-between a few pages.

"Weary shows Pilgrim his torture devices and tells of all the ones he's heard of and seen. You think, 'He-he, this guy's crazy,' and there lies the humor. Odd humor without a doubt, yet humor all the same. Today, pleasure is thought to be nude women and giant men. Not only that but unnaturally also small children and torture. Small, undeveloped, innocent children. Bloody, scream-extorting, sadomasochistic torture. Ah, yes. Pleasure indeed. Mankind's values are descending further and further, closer to the earth's core, while melting into mush in the process. And if you want to perceive this religiously, you may."

When I first read it, it sounded really deep. Then I realized I actually don't know what that kid was talking about. But still, I was thinking about bringing that up in discussion, because it really sounds deep. I wouldn't pretend to have come up with it myself, but I wouldn't have started off by telling where I got it from. But whoever wrote it might have used it in discussion already whenever they had the class and my teacher. And then my teacher might hate me because he thought I stole his old student's words. So, I won't use it.


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