•Chapter Seven•

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My eyes scan around the room, it's clean. Unlike jungkooks. The walls are covered in black. A white TV attached to the wall, opposite the bed.
The cupboard and bathroom are white. It's basically all black and white, my two favourite colours. Well that's something we have in common I guess.

The door slams open and thinking its jungkook, I hide under the blanket.
"Bora?" Lilly calls "oh my god!" I wrap my arms around her waist "thank god it's you" I say before pulling away.

"Why are you in jimins room?" she asks "I fainted" I answer.

But is she seriously going to ask me that? Not even a 'are you okay?'

"Are you feeling better?" She handed me the medication with a glass of warm water.

Okay, maybe I judged too soon.

I nod in response "jimin is kind hearted" she says "I figured" I smile "if it wasn't for him, we all would probably be dead" she sighs "what do you mean?" I ask. She leans in by my ear as she whispers "their rapists" my eyes widen as I jump back. She bursts into laughter "w-why are you laughing?"

"I'm just kidding" she clutches onto her belly, laughing even harder.
I playfully smack her arm "yah! That wasn't funny" she sits on the edge of the bed "you're lucky though" I say "I know" she pulls a I-feel-special face.
"I mean, he's so different from the others" I sigh, knowing jungkook will never be as nice as him.

"Hey" she leans in "he's mine" her expression suddenly changes. It's a more serious one. "Y-yeah obviously I know" I chuckle nervously. Why did I stutter?

"Good" she gives me a sweet smile. She likes jimin, who wouldn't? He's hot, kind, sweet and lovable. Unlike jungkook and the rest of the boys.
"Okay, go to sleep, you'll have to wake up tomorrow. It's a big day" she grabs the tray "what big day?" I ask "a party" with that, she leaves the room.

Ugh, great.

I roll my eyes at that thought before laying back down, covering myself with the warm blanket. Damn this bed is just too comfortable.
I slowly drift off to sleep.


The next morning I wake up with someone's arm draped around my waist. I don't budge, what if it's jungkook?
I glance over my shoulder before my eyes grow wide. Jimin is sleeping next to me.
I take hold of his wrist, gently lifting it and placing it on the bed.

I manage to quietly sit up before exiting the room. As I enter my bedroom I close the door, turning around, leaning on the wall. I close my eyes as I sigh of relief but as soon as I open them, my heart skips a beat.

What the fuck is he doing here?

"Did you sleep with jimin?" He asks. I remain silent, scared to reply. I don't want to say yes because if I do, I know I'll get punished.
He shuts his eyes, clenching his jaw as he is calming his anger "did you sleep with jimin?"

Tears well up in my eyes. He leans into my face "Bora, answer my damn question!" He yells and I nod immediately "we didn't do anything I promise. I didn't even know he was-" I fall to the floor when he slaps me. My hand cups my now sore cheek. He bends down and grabs my chin "you're mine, do you understand?"

Tears roll down my face "Yes Jungkook" I manage to say. He harshly pushes me back "now get ready" I wait
for him to leave and as soon as I hear the door slam shut.
I hug my knees, sobbing.

I stand up on my feet and stare at my face in the mirror. The bruise on my cheek is still visible.

I need to escape this filthy prison.

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