Daily Ramblings (1) [Teen Fiction]

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Today was the worst day of my life. Well, I'm exaggerating. I wanted to make sure you knew that, because I've had much worse days. I mean... way worse.

I was sitting in the library at lunch. I go there on A-days when I don't like going to the cafeteria and I don't have real friends to sit with. A-days coincide with B-days in the stupid system called block scheduling, or something like that. We get 8 classes total, four each day. I don't know why we use this weird schedule. We just do.

Anyway, I was sitting in the library. And my hand went freaky like it does sometimes and my pen flew out of my hand. I watched it fly over to the librarian/check-out desk. I just stared at it, I dunno why. Maybe I was shocked, but I shouldn't be because it happens too often. But before I could move, some foot stepped on it. And it stayed there. Well, then I really was shocked, so I kept staring, until I finally snapped out of it and I looked up to see who stepped on my pen.

I don't know why I expected to see some obnoxious looking kid a bad attitude and acne or something like that. I guess I'm judgmental. Maybe I was thinking only an obnoxious kid with acne would step on my pen. But it was a girl. And she didn't have acne. And later I realized that maybe she was pretty. But at that moment, I was still thinking, "That girl's stepping on my favorite pen."

Maybe it was my fault. I guess it was stupid of me to use my favorite pen when I know my hand is prone to sudden twitches. But what's the point in having a favorite pen when you can't use it? I went to a pen store once with fancy, shiny pens worth thousands of dollars. Sure the displays were shiny and nice and the store smelled good, but all I could think was, "Why would you buy a pen you can't use?" I mean, they sold ink, but how could you use such an expensive pen? Stores like that really bother me. Also, I kept thinking of the kids in Africa who can't afford shiny pens let alone food.

Anyway, so I went over to the girl and said, "Hey, you're standing on my pen."

And she turned around and looked at me and then looked at her feet and stepped off it and said, "Sorry, I'd pick it up but my back hurts." She really sounded sincere, and then she said, "Um... Weren't you sitting over there?" She pointed to where I was sitting and I understood what she was saying.

I kind of half-rolled, half-fluttered my eyes and slightly twitched one of them. It's a weird thing I do when I'm embarrassed and bothered, and I can't control it. It's one of those strange intrinsic quirks. Some people think it's funny. Some people think it's cute. But the way they describe it, I sound like a person with a bad condition.

So I did this, and she looked at me with a really empty and blank expression and then she walked away. The next period, Speech, my pen took flight again. But before the teacher could fake-smile and pick it up, this giant jock walked to her and crushed it. 

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