Chapter One

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      I brush a strand of bright red hair behind my shoulder as I step off of the plane, hand on my hip. Feels just like last summer..... A small smile makes its way onto my face as the memory hits me. Last summer, not only did I compete to win a hundred grand, I also fell in love with my mohawk boy. My Duncan. I came with Chris, so I'm here about five minutes early. Oh, yeah, if you don't remember, let's reaquaint ourselves, shall we?
      My name is Alexandra Brynn Catlon, I'm now seventeen, I have bright red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. I'm Chris McLean's niece. I'm sassy, a singer, a dancer, I've been to juvie, and most of the people here get on my nerves.
      A bus pulls to a stop at the entrance, and Chris grins.
      "You ready?"
      "Not really," I say simply.
      I step up beside him as people start stepping off of the bus. Leshawna and Gwen look like they're going to die as they see me and rush to give me a hug. I grin in amusement, hugging them back.
      "Justin, you're still here?" I groan, gaping.
      "Yep, sweetie." he says with a smirk.
      Duncan suddenly turns around at the sound of my voice.
      "Hey, Duncan." I say with a wave.
      He hugs me tightly, lifting me slightly off the ground. We get onto a cart thing and I sit beside my boyfriend, gripping his hand lightly.
      "You look good." he says playfully, making me chuckle.
      "Thank you, you look handsome as ever." I reply.
      "Christopher, Italy stressed you out. Calm down, man." I call up to him, making him glare daggers at me.
      Duncan raises an eyebrow. "Italy?"
      "Yeah, it wasn't that good, actually." I reply with a shrug.
      I grin at Chef as he comes running out of the mess hall. I cross my legs out of habit as he continues to explain. Chris is making everyone worry about things, making me make a face at him. He freaks them out just to see them squirm.
C'mon, Uncle Chris! Is it really that hard to try to get along with these people?!

      I tip my head to the side as the animatronic monster walks by us. All we have to do for our first challenge is get to the cast trailers without the monster getting us. It's being controlled by Chef. I grin and swing off of the cart without hesitation before taking off at a steady jog. Duncan raises an eyebrow at me playfully.
      "Well, you certainly changed, in many many ways."
      "Get used to it, babe." I return.
      My thin arms pump by my sides as we run, me determined to keep going. I laugh at Bridgette and Jeff as they make out under an umbrella.
      "Follow me!" I call quickly to Gwen. "I know where the cast trailers are!"
      I push myself a bit harder as we keep running. There's a bear chasing us, now. Hurray. We keep running, not even bothering to pace ourselves. My outfit now consists of something different than last year. A purple tank top that shows a bit of my stomach and a pair of gray running shorts along with knee high black converse. I swing quickly around a corner as the monster gains on us, defiance flaring through me. It's Duncan and I left, I think. Well, and Owen. Never mind, it's just Owen and I now. I sprint ahead of him, casting him a cheeky smirk as I pass. The monster seizes Owen and I snigger, still running. I push myself to the limit, sprinting past where the monster is keeping everyone else. I hear multiple yells of people telling me to go for it. I flip a sharp wave at them before picking up the pace even more. I find the trailers and throw myself to the ground, groaning. I put my hands on top of my head and huff out a breath, panting. The others appear a moment or two later, raising eyebrows at me. The next challenge is boys against girls. Winner gets to pick their trailer first.
      "You have obviously pressed the up button on your stamina, girl!" Leshawna exclaims.
      I shrug. "I had nothing to do in Italy, so I ran, the other half of my time was spent in the dance studio."
      Her eyes widen in shock. The boys win because Owen ate everything and burped it up. I give him a startled look.
      "Hey, man, I applaud you for that." I comment, making him grin at me.
      "Thank you."
      I roll my eyes playfully. But then Owen chooses the squished trailer. But now they're both squished. I roll my eyes in amusement. Duncan smiles at me, brushing his thumb under my eye.
      "You'll have to tell me about the rest of your year tomorrow, sweetheart." he murmurs.
      I smile in amusement. "I will."
      He lightly presses his lips against my temple before lightly kissing my lips. I smile slightly, wrapping my arms gently around his neck.
      "I'll see you in the morning." I murmur softly.
      "Okay, sleep tight, baby girl."
      "Will do, mohawk boy." I reply playfully before kissing him one last time.
      I just grab a top bunk and end up drifting off.
      "THIS IS YOUR FIVE A.M WAKEUP CALL!!!!" Chris's voice roars through a megaphone.
      I squeal and tumble off of my bunk onto the floor, groaning a little as I pull my tank down.
      "Girl, what happened?!" Leshawna demands, pointing to my ribs.
      I know what she's pointing at, of course. She's pointing at the scar I got.
     "Long story, I'll explain later." I groan.
     But we're actually allowed to sleep. But none of us do, making me grumble. I grouchily walk out of the trailer to get away from Leshawna, Bridgette, Heather, Lindsey, and Beth's screaming, sprawling out at the base of a tree, resting my head against the trunk. I let out a soft sigh.
      "Why exactly are you out here?" chuckles an amused voice.
      I crack an eye open, glowering at DJ and Duncan.
      "The girls are arguing and I got sick of it." I reply tiredly, sitting up.
      Duncan chuckles. "Does that surprise you?"
      "Not really." I reply honestly as he sits beside me, lightly wrapping an arm around me.
      He chuckles, and it's then that I realize all the guys except Owen are outside. "Why are you all out here?"
      "Owen stank up the trailer." Jeff grumbles, making me chuckle.
      Justin fails at flirting again. "You know sweetheart, I'm most likely more comfortable than juvie boy over there."
      He proceeds to reach out to put a hand on my arm which is pressed against my side. I punch straight out to the side, feeling my fist connect with something. The action is followed by a yelp.
      "Do. No. Touch. Me." I growl lowly without opening my eyes.
      "Got it," he groans in pain.
      I sigh quietly, letting my eyes open as I look up at Duncan to find him looking back at me. I raise an eyebrow.
      "Am I the only one who thinks that the little redhead looks a lot and acts a lot different?"
      "Nope," DJ, Jeff, and Trent reply in sync.
      "Italy is to blame for that." I say simply.
      "Why?" Jeff asks in amusement.
      "Let's just say people in Italy are incredibly irritating and handsy." I mutter darkly, making Duncan tense slightly.
      "I broke my hand three times while we were there." I supply.
      "How?" DJ asks in disbelief.
      "Punching people." I say with a 'duh' look.
      "Anything else interesting happen?" Trent asks.
      "I ended up in the hospital for a week." I mumble tiredly.
      "Why?!" Duncan demands in alarm.
      "Got into a fight and ended up getting stabbed with a knife. Thank you, Kai Jonson." I say darkly.
      "Why did you get into a fight?"
      "Guy was hitting on me, I told him to back up, he didn't. Kept flirting with me and I started to walk off, grabbed my arm and kissed me. I punched him in the face, he got peeved, and then fought back. I got the worse end of the result, he had a broken wrist and nose." I explain simply.
      "And did you press charges?" Trent questions.
      "Nope." I reply.
      "WHY NOT?!?!?" the guys yell at me in sync.
      "Because I was fine! It scarred a little, but it wasn't life or death." I exclaim in astonishment, sitting up further.
      "It scarred?!" Duncan says sharply, fully turning so that he's looking straight at me.
      I nod. "Yeah, I mean, it isn't that bad or anything, but whatever."
      "Let me see!" Duncan orders worriedly.
      I roll my eyes, but pull the right side of my shirt up a bit to show him the bottom of the scar. His mouth pops open as he lightly traces it, frowning.
      "I'm going to kill him if we ever meet." Duncan warns me darkly.
      "You probably won't. I hop--" I begin, but am cut off by the ringing of my cell.
      The corner of my mouth twitches. Chris forgot to take it from me. I look at the screen to see Luke's picture popping up, making me swear under my breath.
      "Hey, what's up?" I ask simply.
      "Alex, there's someone here looking for you." Luke says hurriedly into the phone.
      I frown in surprise. "Who?"
      "Some guy names Kai Jonson."
     My eyes widen and I get up from my spot on the ground, starting to pace.
      "Why is he there? Did he say what he wants?" I demand.
      "Something about wanting to finish what started in Italy. What does that mean?"
      I put a hand over my mouth and then run it through my hair. "Okay, Luke, listen to me. Get Kira out of there, send her upstairs."
      "Why? Alex, you're worrying me."
      "Get her out of there, I met him in Italy, and he's not a good guy. I don't want him anywhere near her, okay?"
      "Hold on," he orders, and I faintly hear his voice.
      "Okay, what exactly happened in Italy?" he demands.
      "Well, it's kind of a funny story, hehe...." I laugh nervously. "Okay, so we met in Italy, he hit on me, we got into a fight. Long story short, he's the reason I was in the hospital."
      "He's dead." Luke growls angrily.
      "LUKE, NO!" I shout into the phone.
      "Why not?! He deserves it!"
      "I know that! Look, just tell him to get bent and that I'm out of town, okay?" I say quickly, moving out of the way as DJ tries to take my phone.
      "And where are you exactly, sestra?" asks the gruff voice of the person who gave me a scar.
      I let out a furious huff. "Listen to me very, very closely. You will leave, and you will not come back. What happened in Italy happened, you don't get to torture my friends because of it. Do you understand me?"
      "Not really. Just tell me where you are, and we'll be done with it."
      I give a bitter laugh. "Do you really think that I'm that stupid? No."
     My phone is taken out of my hand then, and I turn my head to find that this time it was Duncan.         "Listen to me very closely. You ever touch her again, and I swear to God that I will hunt you down. Got it? You leave her alone, you don't mess with my girl." he snarls lowly before hanging up and handing me my phone.
      I raise an eyebrow. "Someone was angry."
      He gives me an annoyed look. "Yes, because you didn't tell me any of that happened last time we talked!"
      I sigh. "I knew you would worry so I left it out."
      He groans in irritation, putting his hands on my shoulders. "Don't do that ever again, okay? Don't keep stuff like that from me."
      I nod. "Okay,"
      He presses his lips lightly to mine before pulling me back down to sit beside him and wrapping an arm around my waist before kissing the top of my head.
     "Love you," he murmurs lightly.
      I lay my head on his shoulder. "Love you too,"

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