Compulsive Lying (2) [Humor]

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The setting is the corner deli, Pete's favorite place to eat. He is with his best friend JERRY, who knows about his condition. Pete is dressed in casual clothing. Jerry is wearing his business wear, with his jacket slung over the back of the chair. They are sitting at the bar inside the deli that faces the outside of the restaurant. Each has a coffee cup in front of him and stares out the glass at the people walking down the sidewalk.

PETE: He watches a couple holding hands pass the window. "Sara broke up with me today."

JERRY: "Sure."

PETE: "No. Really. I told her, her ass looked big, and she couldn't tell if I was lying or not."

JERRY: He watches a man at a bus stop flirt with a woman while her husband is beside her. "That's crazy."

PETE: "It's not crazy. It makes complete sense."

JERRY: "Eh... whatever." He watches a man in a business suit with a cell phone Bluetooth scream into the air. "So, have you applied for any new jobs?"

PETE: "No—"

JERRY: "That's too bad." They watch as a mother drags her kid to school while he struggles to go back and get a stuffed animal he dropped.

PETE: "Yeah. I have an interview today."

JERRY: A man who appears homeless limps past the windows with a paper bag in his hand. "Oh... I see."

PETE: "Yeah..."

JERRY: He nods and sips his coffee. They both watch as a woman who is obviously braless jogs by. "Wanna go clubbing tonight?"

PETE: "Yeah. Sounds good." He takes a sip of his coffee.

In front of the window, a woman allows her small dog to defecate on the sidewalk.

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