Compulsive Lying (1) [Humor]

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The setting is an office room with several cubicles. A man (EMPLOYEE 2) sits at his desk playing with paper clips while another (EMPLOYEE 1) sits halfway on top of it with his arms crossed.

EMPLOYEE 1: He speaks to EMPLOYEE 2. "You know how Pete told the Boss I was making personal phone calls?"

EMPLOYEE 2: He speaks in a flat tone. "Yeah, to your grandma. Strict company rule."

EMPLOYEE 1: "Yeah." He gestures with his head in the direction of another man (PETE), and grins mischievously. "Look."

A few cubicles away, the Boss approaches Pete.

BOSS: He stands erect and speaks in a formal tone. "Mr. Thatch, we need to talk."

PETE: "Sure."

PETE rises and follows the Boss across the room to an enclosed room, obviously the Boss' office. The Boss sits down behind his desk and after closing the door, Pete sits in the chair facing it.

BOSS: "Mr. Thatch, I was told that you were a strict company rule."

PETE: looks a little surprised. "Really?"

BOSS: "Yes. through other employee's memos."

PETE: "Oh..."

BOSS: "Is this accusation true?"

PETE: "Yes."

BOSS: "I see—"

PETE: He speaks adamantly. "No. No, it isn't."

BOSS: He pauses. "Did you go through the memos?"

PETE: "Yes—" shakes head "No!"

BOSS: looks bothered "Mr. Thatch, this is a serious matter."

PETE: struggles to be honest and tell that he didn't. "I did..." His eye twitches "...n't touch the memos."

BOSS: "Are you..." his eye twitches " me?"

PETE: "Yes."

BOSS: "Mr. Thatch! I cannot tolerate this disrespectful behaviour!"

PETE: "Great."

BOSS: "You're fired." He makes the well-known Donald Trump hand motion.

PETE: He has a sad expression. "Thank you, sir." He leaves the office.

BOSS: He rubs his temple with his fingers and mumbles. "Curse this speech impair...ment."

PETE: He stands outside of the office door, frowns and mumbles. "Curse this compulsive disease."

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