Chapter Twenty: Infiltrating on Two Ends

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"Are you fucking serious, are you trying to get us killed!" I whispered to the idiot who insisted that he couldn't hold it in any longer.

We were currently sneaking inside this castle, that wasn't that heavily protected and we managed to sneak inside the main gate. There were a couple guards at each entrance but we easily avoided them. Riley actually stopped to take a piss, like seriously right now?

If we got caught, we could die, or worse be captured. And I would never in a million years let myself be captured. If that happened we would fear the worst.

I have a dagger in my left boot, and a dagger tucked inside my waistband. And if you're wondering, no it can't stab me in any way. They were both silver, and were deadly to a vampires' heart. But it was tricky cause not all vampires died that way, only certain ones. I also have a small crossbow clipped to the back of my pants, that was laced with a exotic herb that we found in the woods. It harms them greatly.

He grumbled, before turning the corner and going to the back of castle, where he would find an entry there. I would go to the side, where I would climb the wall and sneak in. It wouldn't be easy, but if I stayed out of sight I can find Sketch and escape. And god did I hope to make it through this alive.

The towers were very tall, but it is a castle, so I can't expect it to be easy. I gripped the cold stone with my fingers, and started climbing. It was a cool night and the breeze was nice against my face. The moon was bright overhead, but no stars could of been seen.

A window was coming up, and hopefully it was unlocked. I kept on climbing, ignoring the sting in my fingers. I slipped a few times, but just as quickly recovered.

I gently pushed the window in, making sure it didn't make a sound before climbing in. It was a dark hall, with a few torches lit, and thankfully no guards in sight. It stretched on both ways, but the way I was going, was the lit side rather than the dark.

I wonder how Riley was doing, and hopefully he didn't get caught. We returned to the clearing after finding nothing about Sketch, when we also found out, Alice was taken. Then Conner had told us that Alice mentioned something about Orion's castle, just a few miles away from us.

So Riley and I set out on this long journey, and right now are infiltrating this castle. Hopefully this is the right one, where we find Sketch.

I practically tiptoed to the end of the hall, looking both ways as I did so. There was a door to my right, and I was willing to take it. The handle was a circle, where you have to pull to get inside, but I feared it would make a loud noise.

I had to take a risk, so I tugged on it, hearing a slight squeak, and carefully slipped inside. Hopefully, no vampires heard that.

I closed the door all the way, and turned around, noticing the room was completely pitch black. I started walking forward and the next thing I know, the isle starts to light up with torches. It looked cool but it also looked like something from a horror movie, that I used to watch when I was younger.

The sound of my feet echoed as I kept walking but it's not like I could stop it.

But at the end of the room was what made me want to turn around and run.

It was a dog, but it was enormous, and to top it off it had three heads. It was sleeping, resting it's middle head on his paws. Are you kidding me? What kind of person would keep a three headed monster in their palace? And a big scary one like that?

"Well, hello beautiful,"

I turned around quickly at the sound of the voice that sent a delightful shiver down my spine. He was in the dark before he stepped into the torches light, only half of the illuminate lighting the monsters face. It was a man but I already knew that because of the voice, it was chilling. I could not see all of the monster, only half of what the light lit but I didn't let my guard down.

I pulled my blade from my waist band, my fingers trembling against the silver.

His face pulled up into a sinister smile, one that would make anyone lose their grip on composure and in my case my knife. I pushed away my weird thoughts, bringing the blade in front of me. I don't know if my threat was working but by the way he smiled, told me it did not.

I watched him carefully, wondering if making it out of this alive was even an option. His demeanor was strong enough to pull me to my knees, but it wasn't anything like the fear I was feeling. This vampire was a noble.

"Mhmm, I see you met Cerberus," he walked toward me slowly, like how an animal hunts it's prey.

"Don't come any closer." I warned, but it went ignored and taken as a joke.

"Or what?"

"Or I'll kill you." I said, but it didn't faze him. I knew it wouldn't, it wasn't that my voice was shaky, it was just his aura was so confident.

As he stepped closer the range of his face got clearer, but from my point of view I did not want it to. His hair was the color of charcoal, and his eyes were two mismatched orbs of the ocean and a forest. The skin on his left side was rigid, as if the monster had been burned, oh only if that person had succeeded.

It happened like a flash of lightening, the demon biting into my flesh, and my blade being disarmed. I let out a cry of pain as the filthy demon had latched itself onto me. My fight was leaving very quickly, my body going limp in his arms. I wanted to scream, but it seemed my voice was gone at the moment. I tried desperately to grab the dagger in my waistband, but I couldn't move my arms anymore. I was slowly becoming paralyzed and soon...dead.

He detached himself from me, but he did not stop licking the area where he had fed on me, the feeling rough and tingly. I detested it, and even as my body went into shock of a shaking trembling mess I did not voice it.

I should have seen that coming, and now I'm captured when I vowed I never would be. When I vowed I would save Sketch from these treacherous monsters but here I was in the same problem.

"You taste amazing," he whispered against my throat.

"Just kill me already, you monster." I choked out but he took my words like a joke and laughed.

"No, I'll be keeping you, human."

I wanted to yell in frustration! I had been caught this easily.

"Sam!" And there goes Riley, opening his big mouth. Couldn't he have shot me and taken a run for it? The demon dropped me, letting out a grunt of pain. I grabbed my dagger that was in my waistband, looking up at the demon who had just pulled a knife from his side.

I got to my feet on wobbly legs, steadying myself, before staring the demon down.

"Riley run, I'm right behind you!" I shouted, lunging at the demon, but missed when he moved around me, grabbing my arm and pushing me into the ground.

I cried out again, my arm being twisted painfully behind my back. I went limp so he wouldn't do anymore damage.

"No getting away from me sweet cheeks, you're mine now."


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