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Sooooo hi.

This is (obviously) a fanfic about Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) from the new movie, Star Wars Episode 7 (an amazing amazing AMAZING movie).

I've always loved star wars since i was like..... 6 years old, and me and my bother would play light saber duels and create (insanely detailed) worlds for his many star wars action figures to live in.

Watching Star Wars Episode 7 (at the cinema and fangirling A LOT) i immediately fell in love with Ben Solo, from the moment he removed his mask (oh my goodness that face is gorgeous). Yes.... I know, he's a villain, I seem to have a thing for villains.... Ya know... Darth Vader... Loki.... Light.... And honestly the list of villains i have fallen in love with is just too long (trust me you don't want to go into the details).

Anyways, so after watching Star Wars Episode 7, I decided that Ben deserved a story of his own...... A story about his past, about his turn to the dark side, and his role in the First Order.

A story of Ben Solo told through the eyes of a girl. Siena Grace.

Warning- this will contain spoiled for the force awakens. (Duh)

Disclaimer- I do not own Star Wars or any of its characters, but the plot and Siena along with a couple of other characters are mine. Please don't steal my ideas.

Credit for the cover goes to castielinpurgatory she's awesome, if you ever need a cover made she's definitely the one to go to =D

Enjoy =)


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