Chapter (38)

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The rain was pounding down from the sky as we swam back to the boat.  Smiling to myself, I watched Connor clench the rail and pull himself up from the water, standing on the boat stair he gestured a hand out to pull me up.

His hair was tossed across his face, stray wet strands clinging to his forehead. Putting my hand in his, he eased me out of the water, swiping my wet hair out of my face as he pulled me up the stairs.

Leaving my hand in his, he led us across the boats deck. The rain was icy as it whipped across my skin; slowly the tropical hot summer air was beginning to get a cold chill to it as Mother Nature changed. 

Connor pushed the cabin door open, and gestured for me to go first. Rolling my eyes, at his politeness I let my hand slip from his as I entered the cabin and made a bee line for the towels.

I felt my face aching from the smile I had kept on it all afternoon.  Connor and I had just mucked around on the island, chasing each other, tickling each other and then repeating the process.

"I'm getting changed." I sung out, stepping into the bedroom, seeing as there was no door; it was important that I let my actions be known.

"Was that my invitation?"

I rolled my eyes at his cockiness; I knew he would be showing his famous smirk. "If you want to experience my right hook again, sure."

I heard him chuckle as I pulled my bathing suit straps down my arms, towel drying myself as soon as the suit fell to the ground.

Connor and I were making the right decision, right? I couldn't help my self-doubt. I knew I had spoken the truth, when I said I couldn't be away from him; couldn't deny him. But I still felt like, I was leaving myself open for an execution.

Pulling a pair of shorts up over my thighs and tying the cords, I thought to myself, I loved him, even after everything; so we would work the rest out, wouldn't we? Sighing and reaching for the tank top that lay on the bed. Connor loved me, I knew that; he wouldn't hurt me again, he couldn't.

 Biting my lip, how was my father going to react to this; how was my country going to react to their new king. He was their enemy. Grinding my teeth, I felt panic beginning to take over me.

"Isab- Oh sorry, thought you would be dressed."

Snapping my head over my shoulder I saw Connor's back turned to me. Quickly I threw the tank top over my head and pulled it down.

"I said I was getting dressed."

Connor didn't turn around; my eyes ran over his flexed upper arms as he gripped the door frame with both hands, with his back to me.

"I didn't know it took you that long to throw some clothes on."

Smiling, "Well I'm dressed now."

Connor turned around slowly. I noted the concern on his face and the way his eyes raked my eyes for emotion.

"Is something wrong?" I asked frowning at his seriousness.

"You tell me." He said sternly but I knew his sternness was out of concern not anger.

Shrugging my shoulders "Everything is fine."

"You're telling me this, but from the emotions and feelings you were throwing at me a few moments ago, you were telling me something else."

"Well that explains your sudden break in." I arched an eye brow and lowered myself down to the edge of the bed. Connor shot me an apologetic smile, before crossing his arms.

"So you going to tell me what you were thinking?" His jaw was tight and I had a feeling he was thinking I was going back on my decision.

Inhaling sharply and exhaling slowly, I could tell him the truth. "Just, thinking how the country is going to react to this." Sagging my shoulders and twirling the cord on the shorts in my fingers, "How our parents are going to react."

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