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Scarlet Curse: Chapter 1: The Curse Of Expectations

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Sometimes when you are holding onto something you are so comfortable with it that you don't realize you have let it go.

Waking up every morning was hard, I was seventeen now and I had a job, an apartment, I even had a couple of fish on my kitchen counter. Only if something like that would have the power to wipe away my sorrows. But there was a hole inside of me, it wasn’t just my heart, but my whole being, my whole existence was torn apart.

I got up out of bed, brushing my teeth quickly and eating a bagel before I headed out. My apartment was small, in rough shape, and in a crappy neighborhood but it didn't matter because I was rarely ever home. Since the day Elomnik disappeared, I searched. I got a job as a journalist so I could follow the news and see if there was any hint of Elomnik. No luck so far.

I walked along the sidewalk, passing by people without a thought, just walking towards my destination, the only place I belonged, the only place I had any hope of finding Elomnik. As soon as I got to the office I sat down at my desk and began researching the latest news. There was nothing big so once again I was unsatisfied.

"Scarlet!" My boss yelled, "get over here quick!"

I got up with no rush, wondering what it was that he wanted but not too keen on talking to him. "What is it?" I ask.

"Looks like we got a winner on the stuff you were asking about the other day, Robert found some interesting cases where villages have been savagely torn down and no one was left alive," Boss answered.

Now my interest was piqued, “where!"

Boss took his gaze away from the computer and looked at me sternly, "now hold on, you don't want to go somewhere like that Scarlet, it is way too dangerous for a beginner to take up, never mind the fact that you are still a teenager."

"Tell me where," I said, using my power on him.

"It is mainly in Mississippi," he answered compliantly, not realizing what I did.

I have been wearing contacts ever since I started my new job. A few days after Elomnik had disappeared I had gone into town and my emotions were still unstable.. it wasn't on purpose but my eyes were seen by a couple of strangers, they ran like hell, like I was some monster.

"Thanks, Boss. I'm leaving to investigate it!"

"Hey wait!" He yelled out to me as I quickly gathered my stuff and raced out of the building. I ignored him and kept going. My destination was Mississippi and nowhere else.


It took a while to get to Mississippi from being in Indiana but not too long. Once I had gotten there it was about midnight but I wanted to go to the crime sight as soon as possible so I headed over right when I set foot off from the plane.

It was dark and the village had a stench of blood and ashes. I scrunched my nose at the smell. There was caution tape all around that forbid entry by anyone but I was going in and no one was going to stop me.

I took a step forward and ducked underneath the caution tape going around the village and began looking around, making sure not to step on anything that wasn't yet cleaned up. I clenched my fist and my nails dug into my skin but I kept on walking.

Every house was either on its way to crumbling down or already on the ground, with no hope left. I dragged my hand across the side of one of the buildings as I walked passed it wondering if it had the strength left in it to keep standing after being left for nothing, and it did.

Suddenly all of the anger I had been holding onto rushed into me and I slammed my fist into the house over and over again, and of course it fell. It crumbled to the ground, not being able to stand any longer. How could it, taking that much damage… nothing could keep standing…nothing.

I stared at the building as it broke down into pieces and dust flew everywhere. Then my eyes widened and my heart pumped faster. On the other side of that torn down building was a man, hidden behind the dust and standing still.

Elomnik? Had I finally found him?

"This place is dangerous, this is why I told you not to go," the man said as the dust started to clear up.

My heart slowed down as quickly as it started up, of course my expectations would not have been met.

"What are you doing here, Boss?"

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