My Future, Past and Present (Formerly: I can do this alone etc)

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 Advisory warning this story and the chapters to come contain violence, sexual references and is not recommend for below 13 or even a young 16, discretion is advised! If this book raises any concerns PM me and ill try help you find local support! Asking for help is the first step

Thanks to Whitney who truly inspired me to write this, I've never written anything before but I love to read and create stories in my head! I'm dyslexic so there may be some errors in it! If there is let me know! please comment so I know its worth it to continue!

ps the Picture is what i imagine Scott to look like, 2nd chapter is Pheobe, 3rd is Jodi and 4th is Lucy

Ps my chapters may be short but I work full time shift work so I write when I'm inspired and have time.

I am currently going through updating adding etc, thanks for everyones feedback I hope it's made it more interesting to read! anyhow FEEDBACK, READ ALL CHAPTERS AND VOTE IF U LIKE. IF I AGREED FOR READ COMMENT BELOW SO I CAN READ URS!


1st of January 2011

It's a new year, I remember drunkenly making lots of new year resolutions last night, but today was a new day.

I awoke in a bed unfamiliar to me, not remembering how I got there. The sheets were Egyptian cotton, grey, the bed was king size; it felt cozy, safe, luxurious. I looked to my right, there was a gorgeous guy lying next to me, one arm flung over and wrapped around me pulling me into him me protectively, the other was nestled under his head, He had a mess of dark black hair, his skin was glowing and tan. I looked at the arm flung over me it had well defined muscles. Then i realised who the arm belonged to,it Scott Masters, Mr Masters to me. How did I get here?

I could see my clothes haphazardly thrown over a big comfy arm chair; I had to get out of here, I could see the day light streaming through the big bay window to the left, the clock on the modernblack steel and glass bedside table read 13:00.

The best way out of here was silently and fast. I slowly began edging my way from under his arm, before I knew what was happening I was being pulled back against his warm body muscular naked chest. It felt warm, it felt safe.

It was beginning to come back to me, the new years party at my best friend Jodi's house......

What had I done? I was a mother and mothers don't do this!

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