Chapter 19: The Twins

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~Seth's POV~

(one week later)

I'm holding Ally's hand right now. She's in labor. On the inside i'm freaking out. Alyssa is in all this pain, and i'm about to be a father. What if i'm not a good father? What if my kids don't like me? What would i do then?

"Push, Ally, i see the head." Doc says. I'm holding back losing my lunch. I'm so sick right now. Me head is spinning. I close my eyes to avoid seeing any blood.

"Here it comes." Doc says.

"Wahhhh!" a small voice cries. It sounds so cute! No- I will not open my eyes. I dont want to throw up all over it. Concentrate on holding in my lunch.

"Rose, will you clean her up?" Doc says.

"Of course!" Rosalie squeals. "come here baby."

I hear her run off towards the kitchen.

"Her comes the next one." Carlisle warns.

"Can I clean that one?" Alice shrieks.

"Yes." Doc says, and Alice runs towards the kitchen.

"Seth, why don't you go sit down in the living room?" Doc suggests.

"Yeah man, you don't look so good." Emmett says.

I let go of Ally's hand and run into the living room. i put my head between my legs and breathe.

"Deep breaths, Seth. Deep breaths." i say to myself.


~Bella's POV~

"Let's go get you cleaned up." i say to Ally. Esme and I help her up and into the bathroom in her room. I feel bad for Seth, he looked like he was about to puke. He was so pale, he could have been a vampire. Haha.

I helped her get showered and about a half an hour after delivery, Ally was back to normal. Size, strength, attitude. I ran into her closet and got her a pair a black stretch pants and a silky pink tank top. I got her underclothes and ran back to the bathroom. she put them on and we went downstairs.

Seth was sitting in the living room, Alice and Rose were bathing the twins in the kitchen, and everybody else was watching them.

"When can I see them?" I ask. right when i say that, Seth gets up and stands by my side.

"I'll go get them." i tell her. and run into the kitchen.


~Alyssa's POV~

Well...labor was not fun, nor easy, but it was worth it. I had two beautiful baby girls now. Well...i haven't actually seen them yet, but i dont care if they had three heads and four eyes, i would still love them and think they were beautiful.

"Are you guys ready?" Alice squealed from the kitchen.

"Yes." Seth and I answer at the same time.

Alice came out and handed a baby to Seth. She had chocolate brown curls that fell a little past her shoulders. Just like my mom. She had my bright blue eyes. Her skin was tan, but not as dark as Seth's. When she smiled her toothless smile, we found a dimple on her right cheek.

Rosalie came out and handed me my second daughter.

She looked up at me with Seth's big black eyes. Strait, blonde hair framed her pale face. She smiled a big, toothless grin and we found a cute little dimple on her left cheek.

Seth and i stood there holding our new daughters.

"Can I name this one?" Seth whispered.

"Sure. I'll name this one." i say.

"Her name will be Adalynn. Addie for short." Seth declared. Addie smiled.

"This will be Chloe." I said. In response, Chloe squealed and clapped her hands. The lights flickered and the TV turned on and started flipping through channels super fast. When she stopped squealing, the lights went back to normal and the TV turned back off.

"What just happened?" Emmett asked.

"She is gifted." Edward answered. "It seems to be that she can control electricity."

"I want to see something." Carlisle said, walking over to me.

He was very quiet, then all of the sudden clapped his hands in front of Chloe's face, scaring her and making her cry.

"What was that for?" i ask.

"Wait." he said.

we started hearing weird noises coming from the kitchen, so we went in there.

Chloe let out a whole new round of tears, and the kitchen appliences started freaking out. The toaster went off, the microwave, stove, oven, toaster oven, everything turned on.

"Shhh, shhh." i said to Chloe, softly bouncing her up and down in my arms. I heated my skin to match her tempurature so she was more comfortable. Soon, she stopped crying and went to sleep in my arms with a tear stained face. The kitchen applyances turned off.

"Remind me to not make her mad at me." Emmett said.

We all laughed and past around Chloe and Addie. Everyone was dying to hold them.

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