Chapter 15: Appearance of Elijah Trent

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Hailie had almost reached the spot where they had been working on the sails when she saw Eli walking towards her, worry etched all over his face. He ran over.

"What happened? Where's Lilly?" he asked. He touched her eye. "Who did this?" His eyes filled with horror. He grabbed her shoulders. "Where's Lilly? Tell me where she is."

She pointed towards the town. "Some soldiers took her. We have to hurry." She pulled his arm towards the town. He didn't say anything more though she was sure he was annoyed at the slow pace, and curious about her state and smell, but she couldn't go any faster and he wouldn't know where they were heading. She kept glancing back at him. His face was blank but his necklace was glowing yellow with black swirls. She could see the muscles in his jaw tense even underneath his beard. His hair hid his eyes.

She pulled him through some back roads and towards an old building. They could hear movement inside. She pointed towards it.

"They are in there." She really hoped nothing had happened.

Eli's face was hard. He rested his hand on her head and turned her head away from the building. "Stay out here. Do not look inside," he said. She glanced in through the window.

"There are at least fifteen men in there. I will go with you."

"You will not enter this building," he said. His voice made her shudder. He waited until she agreed before he kicked open the door and went inside. She peeked in through it, just in case he did need help. Lilly was cowering in a corner shaking.

"Eli," she said.

He already had his sword out. "Did they touch you?" She shook her head. "Close your eyes and cover your ears. Don't open them or remove your hands until I tell you to."

She nodded and did as she was told.

The men had surrounded him.

"Who are you? Some friend of that disgusting bitch who broke Fernando's arm? Or are you the owner of this one?" one asked. She couldn't see Eli's face but his grip on the sword tightened.

The man whose arm she'd broken was standing in front with a bandaged arm.

"I suppose you should at least know the name of the man who killed you," he said. His voice had changed. It was now deeper and cold enough to send shivers down her spine.

One man backed up, then tried to run for the door. Eli's hand moved faster than her eyes could see. Blood splattered to the floor.

"Elijah Trent," another man said. He had a wicked smile on his face exposing his gold front teeth. "I'm sure I could get a promotion if I bring in your head. Then I could finally get out of this blasted town. Of course, that's after I have a little fun first."

Eli said nothing but she noticed a slight shift in his stance.

The men charged at him. His arm moved so fast, all she saw were the men falling, blood everywhere. He never moved from the spot. His hair was wild. His shirt looked like dried blood. A man tried to attack him from behind. His sword went cleanly through his neck. The middle pearl of Eli's necklace was glowing bright red. His eyes were cold and hard. Blood dripped from his sword.

Hailie stumbled back. Elijah Trent? She'd been on a ship all this time with Elijah Trent? The same Eli who she didn't think could scare a baby, this was the real him? The rumours she'd heard didn't come close to what she was seeing in front of her. Now she could see why he kept his hair long. The way it floated around his head made it seem as if it were alive. It made him look even scarier.

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