Chapter 18

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This is mainly just a filler.

~Alice's POV~

(two weeks later)

It's been two weeks since we found out that Alyssa was pregnant. The thought of her mating with a...a...a dog...It's just absolutely revolting.

Anyway, the babies are growing very fast, Alyssa looks about six months pregnant. Carlisle says that she will most likely go into labor next week. She has been sleeping ALOT. About 23 hours a day. Seth, Jasper and I are in here all the time unless we have to hunt or for seth, eat or use the bathroom. Rosalie's in here a lot too. So is Emmett. He seems really excited to see his new nieces. But so are Jasper and I! I'm sooo excited!

Seth, Jazz, and I have bonded alot in the past couple weeks. Seth is pretty sweet and funny. He might even care about Ally as much as Edward does for Bella! It's crazy! It's really wierd to see Seth as being a father though. I mean... i still think of him as that little playful boy. I think he will make a good father though. If he isnt, i will rip his head off.

Out of no where, Jazz walked over and stroked Ally's head. he just sat there sorta petting her while we all quietly talked. Jasper definately loved her. Not like me, but more like a father. He seems less serious when he is with her. Like he is a kid again. I like this side of him.

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