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Tini's POV

*When I woke up I saw my dairy and something was writen there. I read and i finished with writing that part friend's. Right that moment my phone rang and it was Mechi

Phone call

Tini: Hey Mechi! What's up?

Mechi: I want to ask you did you tell your dad about going in school

Tini: Yes I did but*I get cutt off by her*

Mechi: Did he say yes?!!

Tini: He said that he will try to get me in that school

Mechi: Of course you will get in. You are so smart and also your parents are so rich

Tini: Mechi stop saying that we are rich we are just very luck that we were born in a wealthy family

Mechi: See you have also your goodness what helps alot to get in. Maybe one day we can be cheerleader.

Tini: Mechi are you kiding me I couldn't be a cheerleader like never even in a milion years

Mechi: You think that you wouldn't be a good cheerleader?

Tini: Yes

Mechi: Come on Tini I have never seen more perky person than you even my friend Alba who is the perkiest cheerleader. Also I think that when you get in here you would be the captain of the cheerleader

Tini: Mechi I still didn't get in and also I think that I wouldn't be the captain of cheerleader becouse I am sure that you have allready her

Mechi: Thank to God we don't have her becouse she get hurt

Tini: Mechi what did you do to her?

Mechi: I maybe make her slipp while we were doing a piramid

Tini: Why did you do that?

Mechi: Tini I did it as favor of all of us cheerleader becouse they were all so scared so I kinda lead the team but next year I don't want and you would be the perfect person for it

Tini: I don't think so. Look Mechi I need to go my dad is calling me on breakfast

Mechi: Okay well see you later

Tini: See you later

*I come downstairs becouse my dad was doing breakfast what means pancakes and he make the best pancakes on the world. I come downstairs and see dad talking with someone on the phone when he finally finished he see me*

Alejandro: Tini we need to talk

Tini: Am I in trobule?

Alejandro: No you aren't. I want to tell you that you get i the boarding school with Mechi

Tini: Are you kiding me please tell me you aren't

Alejandro: No I am not kiding you really get i  the school and you are sharing room with Mechi and Lodovica.

Tini: That's great. When can I move my stuff in our dorm?

Alejandro: You can do that today from 10:00 AM.

Tini: Okey I will go pack my stuff.

Alejandro: Did you forget something?

Tini: No I don't think so

Alejandro: And what about breakfast should I eat it by myself?

Tini: No no no don't eat it I will eat breakfast!

*I eat my breakfast and fast change up in white lace T-shirt, pink jeans and golden-white flats*

*I was thinking how can I suprise Mechi? Then I though of something*


Hey I hope you like the story and do any one know how to put a photo with text?

Love Klara! :-)

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