Chapter 2

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I went up to my room to call Jas she answered on the first ring

" tell me everything and leave nothing out"

I told Jas everything and she was mad

"Raven you should have stood up and told him no you don't want to go."

"Jas right now I don't want to talk about it, its already done."

I was dreading the weekend as it would be my last with my pack.

I woke up the next morning to my alarm clocking I covered my head with my pillow I'm so not a morning person.

I went into the bathroom took a shower after 20 minutes I got out and was drying off, I looked in the mirror I'm not all that I thought.  My black hair was down to my waist  my emerald green eyes stood out that's my best feature I shrugged and walked out to get dressed I picked out dark skinny jeans navy blue T- Shirt and my converse sneakers. That's what my wardrobe consisted of jeans and T-Shirts, I put on some lip balm on my full pink lips and grabbed my back pack. Down Stairs my mom had finished making breakfast but I was'nt in the mood as I knew she would want to hear about my mate and what was there to tell. If I waited to ride to school with Casey my parents would ask too many questions that I did'nt have the answers to.

" Morning Mom gotta run"

I said kissing her cheek while grabbing a waffle and running out the door.

" Raven" I heard mom call but I was already through the door.

  School was a 10 minute walk from my house. I headed straight to my locker looking for Jas and there she was standing by my locker sipping on a coffee from Starbucks.

"Hey" Jas said giving  me a huge smile

"Hey " I replied giving her a forced smile

"Raven don't be sad you found your mate and he accepted you."

"Jas he's sending me away were'nt you mad about that last night?"

" Yea I was but I thought about it and if Casey agrees with him, It will be fine we will call each other every day and you'll be home for Christmas holiday."

I smiled Jas knew how to cheer me up we headed to our first class Biology our teacher Mr. Bins decided to give us a pop quiz there was a chorus of groans. Mr Bins would mark you down if you wrote the correct answer but spelt it wrong and he would make you write the words you spelt wrong 30 times each. I rolled my eyes I'm no genius I kept my grades up as Its not like I have an active social life and Casey and my parents would kill me if my grades slipped.

" How did you do on the test"

I asked Jas as we walked out  the look on her face told me not too good. I smiled at her

" I thought Liam was tutoring you."

"may be if we had spent more time studying instead of making out I'd have passed that test."

Jas was pouting I burst out laughing

" you made out with Liam?" 

"Yeah I did"

Liam is'nt a nerd or anything like that he's really cute and smart. We got to my next class which is History Jas had Ggeography down the hall. I hate History I could barely remember my cell phone number and they expect me to remember all those dates. Mrs. Keen was putting me to sleep as she spoke in her monotone voice I was the first one out the door as the bell rang.

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