Chapter Six

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Chapter 6:  Child of Darkness

I had unwillingly, and yet totally willingly, followed Charlie in my car to the

Mansion, I was surprised to see the vintage car he drove, I wasn’t sure what it was

But considering how old it was, I didn’t think it would run as fast as he was driving

It. I couldn’t keep up with him, but still I got to the mansion. He was already 

Standing in the threashold of the large mansion. His black hair almost gleaming.

He eyes weren’t visable, because of his fitted cap he was wearing to the front, and

He was looking down anyway. You never would have noticed the journal in

His hand, just because how mesmerizing he was, and how much draw he had.

            Charlie motioned me to come over to him in the threashold, I got

Down from my car and walked towards him, almost in a trace, he made the

World almost seem to slow down. And there was something interesting about

The way he seemed to be able to control everything around him. I go to the door

Way, he held his hand out to me without even making eye contact. I was drawn

Back by this, there was something about him that had started to scare me. He

Cracked out his crooked smile and whispered something that wasn’t audioble.

He turned around with his hands in his pockets and I followed him, down the

Same dark hallway from when I had broke in by myseld. However this time

Was even less comfortable than the first time I had been to the house. Even

Though I had actually been invited this time. Charlie turned the light on and

Suddenly everything was illuminated. I could hear the clanking of his foot

Steps as he glided down the hallway. He led me to the kitchen.

            The kitchen matched the house, it was large and beautiful, with

overwhelming  chandliers hanging down. I was mezomoized, and trying to take in

the gaudiness of the room. I felt as if I was in a dream, something felt off, different,

almost surreal. I looked back down only to find Charlie a few inches from my

face, with his large eyes staring into mine. I took a step back. He seemed serious

yet not threatinnig, and it made me feel a sense of calmness. He lifted up the


“How much have you read of this?”

He asked me. Still peering into my eyes,

“February of 1939”

I said.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead with the back of his palm.

“February of 1939,”

He repeated.

“What are you thinking?”

I asked.

He looked up at me and scratched his head nervously.

“Helen Reeds, shes the girl who wrote this journal,”

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