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" OKAY GUYS FROM THE TOP! 5!6!7!8!" Our choreographer, Mr Han, screamed as he pressed play on the music maker. The class groans but continues dancing.

I was sweating and was ready to collapse after the song ended with Mr Han clapping proudly. " Good job guys!" Okay you may cool down while I give the project for your exams!" We cheered as all of us deliberately dropped in exhaustion.

Jimin was lying down on the floor with his chest heaving while paying attention to Mr Han. While I was sitting with my legs stretched out and mt bottle in my right hand.

" You guys need to choreograph a dance based on the theme, romance!" And, no, you will not choose your pairs cause I have chosen them," we groaned at the thought of having to work with someone we are not close with.

" -Rap Monster and Eun Bi, Jimin and Y/N!" he says beaming at me and Jimin since we are the top dancers in the class, his looks made me think that he has higher expectations of us compared to the others.

" This is due next month on the 18th! CLASS DISMISSED" He dismissed. As I was walking to my bag I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see Jimin smiling and asks," So when do you wanna start?"

I thought about it for a second. " Tomorrow around 3? I have to run some errands before that but I'm free after," I said looking at him shyly. Damn he looks so hot.

" Oh?  Okay then here's my number. So I'll see you at Studio 10?" He says and nod before waving him goodbye as he left.


Okay, and that is the last house! I sighed as I slid in the last set of mails into the mailbox. I took out my phone and texted Jimin.

YOU- Hey! I'm done with my errands!

JIMIN- YASSSSS You took quite long Y/N..... :(

YOU-Mian see you in 15?

JIMIN- Alright see you

YOU- Cya:)

You smiled at his reply


" Hey Jimin!" You exclaimed as you step into the studio.

" Hey Y/N! Come here I've found a song we could dance to!" He exclaims excitedly. I laughed and head over to him.

We sat side by side and watched the mv 'Knock' by Nasty Nasty. And when we ended, the atmosphere became awkward.

" Uh... are you-um-okay with it?" Jimin asks. I nodded and avoided eye contact with him.


"You ready?" Jimin asks.

" Leggo! Hwaiting!" I beamed as we stepped on stage.


"WHOOOOHOOOOO! WE. ARE. DONE.!" Jimin cheered as he collapsed onto my bed. The both of us decided to go back to my place to relax and play... and maybe sleep.

" Yeap we are!" I said collapsing after him. My head landed next to his and made us stare into each other's eyes.

And then he kissed me on the lips.

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