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Believe it or not, I have a name but people only know me as Junhwe's little sister.

Unlike my brother who was a kingka

I was just a normal annoying little sister.

Unlike him who has plenty of friends, I only have one friend.

We didn't get along and fight all the times but we are still closer than anyone.

Oh! And my name is Ara, Koo Ara.

Koo JunHwe

If I have to name his cons,he was a total screwball, hateful, sassy and kind of a jerk.

And his pro? NONE!

He was in a group of kingkas that was known as iKON.

He sure was the cold-hearted one of the group but girls love him either way.

What did they see in that weirdo anyway?


There are 7 members in iKON:


If Junhwe oppa was the cold hearted one of iKON,

Bobby was definitely the player of the group.

With just one wink, girls fall head over heels for him.

To him, girls are all the same.


He was the leader of iKON that was known for his charisma,

but if you get to know him,

he was just an awkward kid that never once dated a girl.


He was the nicest person I have ever known and he was one of a kind,

he was really weird and no one can predict him.

He never failed to surprise everyone.


He was the cutest one and my favorite of course.

We both are really close to each other as we were partners in crime.

We always get into trouble together.

Jung Chanwoo

He was that kind kid that listens to every word Hanbin said,

and did whatever he was asked to.

Do I need to say more about him?

He did right as the maknae of iKON.

And last but not least, Kim JinHwan...

Jinhwan oppa was the sweetest one,

we weren't that close,

and to be honest I was really awkward with him.

He was every girl's dream...

and mines as well...

Ah! Wait! I almost forget the most important thing...

Junhwe and I aren't related!


Hello guys, so this is my 2nd published fanfic. ! I hope u enjoy

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