Chapter 16

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~Rosalie's POV~

Emmett was kissing my throat when my phone started buzzing on my nightstand. Wow, that just killed the mood.

"Do you want to get that?" I ask him.

"Not really." He mumbles.

I reach over and grab my iphone. It was a text from Alyssa. I click on it and it was only sent to Alice and I. It read:

I really need your help, I don't know what to do. Meet me in the woods. Don't bring anyone else.


"What is it?" Emmett asked.

"'ve got to go..."

"What do you mean, Rose?" Emmett asked. "Where do you need to go at ten-thirty at night?"

"Somewhere." i whisper, quickly putting on some clothes and running out of the room. I met Alice in the hallway and we went into the woods right outside the house. Our phones vibrated.

Follow my scent.


We ran for about two minutes until we found Alyssa sitting on the ground with her arms wrapped around her knees.

"What's wrong?" Alice asks her.

"I'm really scared. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to tell the others. I dont know how to tell Seth." She mumbled.

"Tell them what?" I ask. She puts her hands to Alice and I's faces, showing us her most recent vision.

"" I whispered.

"You're pregnant?" Alice asks excitedly.

"What do I do?" Alyssa asks.

"I think we should have a family meeting to tell everyone." Alice says.

I nodded in agreement.

"So you're having twins?" I ask.

"I guess." Ally replies.

"If you just...well...did it...last night...and you already felt a kick, that means that the babies are growing even faster than Renesmee did." Alice said.

"It will all be okay." i said soothingly.

"Of course." Alice agrees, throwing her arms around Alyssa. I joined the hug as well.

"Does Seth know?" I ask.

"No, not yet. I just found out a little while ago." she answered.

"Let's go spread the news." Alice says, getting up and lending Alyssa a hand.

We all go back to the house and we call everyone down.

"I will go get Bella and Edward." I say, running out of the house.

It takes all of two minutes to get everyone downstairs and to start the family meeting.

"I have something to tell you guys." Alyssa starts.

"Does it have to do with the two new minds i can read that seem to be coming out of you?" Edward asks.

"Yes." she answers.

"Holy shit!" Emmett exclaims. "You're PREGNANT?!?"

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