Author's Note #1

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Hey readers! This is my first book which called 'SPARTACE Secret' as you already knew. So the main reason I wrote this because I'm totally W H I P P E D by these two cuties😂 thank god I'm so imaginary and I can't keep it to myself so I wrote it here😉

knowing that I love SpartAce doesn't really say that I hate Monday couple other relevant couples you liked, I prefer this one more than others, that's my opinion. 😊

I have others book as well
- Mr. Kim Jong Kook (SpartAce)
- High School Love Hate (SpartAce)
- Stay (Blackpink Jensoo & Chaelisa)

Thank you for reaching the end, hopefully you'll enjoy the whole story, made this for fun, no hates, much loves😁

Edit: this book is still under editing cause it looks really immature, I wrote this like when I was still some immature teen😂 so ill try to fix my sentences, thanks again!

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