Qualifying Round Voting

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Welcome to the Qualifying Round! The links below and under the external link for this chapter go to the Google form on which you may vote for your favorite story from each category. You do not have to vote in each category if you don't wish to do so. Please make sure you check your votes before submitting them as you may not be able to go back and change them.



Note that categories under which the only option is "NOT YET AVAILABLE" do not yet have enough entries to run, but are close enough that they will run later in the awards.

You are welcome to share these links with your followers and let them know how to vote! Please note that Wattpad will not allow you to send the shortened link on your message board; you will have to use the longer one. The longer link is also available on my message board if you are unable to copy or use the links provided here.

Good luck to all!

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