Chapter 9

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3rd Person's POV

"The news is loving you guys. Nobody else is", Maria says over video-chat as the team is on the quinjet, " There's been no official call for Banner's arrest but it's in the air".

"The Stark Relief Foundation?", Tony asks.

" Already on the scene. How's the team?", She asks.

" Everyone's... We took a hit. Some more than others", Tony says, glancing at a sleeping Lauren, whose head rests in Natasha's lap, " We'll shake it off".

" Well, for now, I'd stay in stealth-mode and stay away from here", Maria says.

" So, run and hide?", He asks, not liking the idea.

"Until we can find Ultron, I don't have a lot else to offer", She says.

" Neither do we", Tony says, looking over at his team-mates, then ending the call with Maria.

Natasha may be shaken up, just have woken up from her dream of the Red Room... but that doesn't mean she doesn't care for her friend. She looks down at Lauren, whose head rests in her lap, seeing her eye-brows furrow. Natasha can't see what she's dreaming... but she can feel it.

Feel her pain. Feel her fear. Feel her regret. Everything. Natasha fits the pieces of the puzzle together and figures out what her dream is about: The Red Room.

Steve looks down as the woman that he loves sleeps. How he wish he could comfort her... but he can't. The team must not know of their true feelings towards each other... even though that Natasha knows that Lauren loves Steve, due to the moment at the Triskelion.

Thor paces back and forth in the jet, worried about his little sister and still not able to get the dream out of his head. He can't let his sister give into the darkness, because he knows nobody will be able to stop her if she does.

Hell, Lauren doesn't even know the extent of her powers. She knows she's powerful... but not how powerful. She knows she's more powerful than Loki. She knows she could kill 100 people with one flick of a wrist. Inflict pain and misery onto people with one simple glance... but she doesn't. She will not give into the darkness.

Speaking of Lauren...

She starts whimpering in her sleep, causing Thor, Steve, and Nat's necks to snap her in direction. They watch as she starts shaking in her sleep. Thor walks over to Lauren as she jolts awake, screaming in agony, her eyes flashing gold, causing Thor, Steve, Natasha, Tony, and Bruce to be pinned against the wall of the jet by black sand, as the same black sand ties Clint to the pilot's chair.

Lauren's POV

I gasp, seeing what I'm doing to my team-mates, then retract the sand back into my palms.

" I-I'm sorry", I say,in a voice that's barely above a whisper.

" It's alright, Lauren", Natasha says, trying to walk over to me

" Stay away from me!", I order, causing Thor Steve and Nat to stop in their place, " Please... stay away from me", as I back up into the right wing of the jet.

" Lauren... it's okay. You don't have to be scared", Steve says, trying to coax me out of this state like he did nights before.

" Please, just please stay away from me.......... I-I don't want to hurt you", I say, trying to contain my tears, my back fully pressed against the wall of the jet, " Egret", my eyes flashing gold, causing a sealing spell to be cast on the entrance of the wing, making it so the team can't come near or see me.

I sink down to the floor, laying down and turning around so my back is facing towards the team. I gently roll up my sleeve, seeing the words 'Choose Now' still cut on my arm. I mumble a quick 'velon', as I let the river of silent tears down my face.

I hurt them. I hurt my team. The man I love. The woman I consider a sister... And my own brother. That girl successfully showed me my fate. My future. My destiny. What I can do. And who I truly am.

A monster.







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