Chapter Forty Two

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"You can't be serious?! You're leaving?" Simone exclaimed. "But you've only just got here!"

"I know, Mum. But I'm needed back at the sanctuary." Anora told her with a slight eye roll as her mother was going on and on about her leaving. She looked to Charlie for some help.

"Uh yes, Roscoe misses her loads. Poor dragon won't eat without her."

"Forget about the dragon what about your poor mother and father who miss you terribly? Hmm?" Simone said placing her hands on her hips. "Do we not matter?"

"You thought you had it bad convincing Iggy." Anora muttered to Charlie under her breath. "Look what I'm dealing with."

"Simone," Gerald walked over and placed his hands on his wife's shoulders. "They can't stay here forever." he tried to reason with the woman. "They both have jobs."

"But she just said she was going to stay." Simone pouted.

"Mum," Anora walked over and wrapped her arms around her mother, " I'm going to miss you too."

Simone  held her daughter as if she were a child again, rocking her back and forth as they stood together.

"You need to come home more often."

"I know and I'll try."

"I'll make sure she comes home more often." Charlie piped up.

"Thank you." Simone smiled kissing the top of Anora's head before letting out a heavy sigh. "I really am going to miss you Anora, the house is so quiet without you."

"What did you two do while I was gone at Hogwarts all those years?" Anora laughed.

"Waited for you to get back." Gerald shrugged.

Anora snorted. "You guys need some new hobbies, no wonder you two are half crazed."

"You say it like it's a bad thing." her father winked at her. He ruffled her hair and then placed his hand on Charlie's shoulder. "Take care of her, will you?"

Charlie smiled as Anora made a face.

"I can take care of myself!"

Iggy attached himself to the sofa cushion refusing to move as Anora tried to coax him into her arms.

"Iggy Forney, I'm not going to fight you." Anora said letting go of the cat who settled back down into the cushion. "You can stay here, but just know you'll be stuck with all the kitchen fires."

He lifted his head and looked over at her and then looked over to Gerald. With a loud meow, Iggy arose to his feet and let out a final stretch before walking over to Anora's side.

"That's what I thought." Anora smirked, leaning down and picking up the cat. "Don't act like you're not excited about going back."

"Oh he looks terribly excited." Charlie said as the cat looked entirely annoyed. "I mean look at him, he's going to burst any moment."

Once the two said goodbye to Simone and Gerald they set out in the early hours of the morning. 

Charlie wiped his sweaty palms on his pants as he looked to Anora.

"So, we're apparating back.." he said before pressing his lips together.

Anora turned to him with Iggy resting in her bag.

"No, I thought I would be nice and we could take the long way back."


"Yes, considering you apparated all the way here, it's the least I could do."

He sighed in relief. "Oh you don't know how happy that makes me. The trip here was a disaster."

"You ended up landing somewhere else didn't you?"

Charlie looked up to the dark sky. "Maybe."

"How many times?" Anora asked with a laugh.

"I don't want to talk about it, but let's just say I don't think I'll ever get the full hang of it."

"Brilliant quidditch player, expert when it comes to magical creatures, and dragon trainer but cannot for the life of him apparate properly."

He frowned. "It's not funny."

"It's a little funny." she said. "We could fly back."

"Oh yes, I'm sure Iggy would absolutely love that."

Anora peered down at the sleeping cat. "Oh yeah, almost forgot he was with us, he's so quiet."

"I don't think he wanted to leave."

"Well, it was either come with us or deal with the smoke. He made his choice."

"He wasn't given many options."

"He'll live."

Arriving to the train station, the two purchased their tickets and waited for their train. Anora yawned and leaned her head on Charlie's shoulder.

"You can sleep if you want." he told her. "I'll wake you when the train comes." 

Suddenly, he yawned.

Anora laughed. "I don't either one of us are going to make it until the train comes."

"No, I swear, I won't fall asleep. I'm good. We only have a couple of hours, I can make it until then."

"You're sure? We can take shifts..if you get tired, wake me up."

"You need some sleep." he said placing his head on hers as she closed her eyes.

Iggy poked his head from the bag and found the two adults sound asleep a couple of hours later. He slithered out of the bag, stretching and hopping into Anora's lap. Letting out a loud meow, Anora stirred from her sleep. She blinked several times before looking down.

"What is it, Igs?"

The last call for their train was announced. Anora turned her head to find Charlie asleep.


"I got the snitch!" Charlie blurted out as he woke abruptly from his slumber.

Anora stared at him for a few seconds as he looked around confused.

"That's great Captain Muffin, you get 150 points, but if we don't get moving we're going to miss our train!"

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