Intro & Rules

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Chapters will be titled according to this format:

Title of Series (# in Series) [Main genre] 


[Main genre] (#)

So look at the Table of Contents and find the genre you're interested in. 

For series, I will upload whatever chapters I feel capture the work best. Sometimes this will be the first chapter. Sometimes it will not. 

Some series I will not be uploading all of here. If I have more chapters, I will say so as an author's note. If you want to use that story, you will have to contact me for the other chapters.

Some of these will be really cliché. Some will look like scribbled napkin notes. Some will be eloquent. You have free creative license with everything. I may, perhaps, post something I am only willing to co-write---in which case I will make a note.

If you want to use something, comment (so other people know in case they are interested in the same story) and tell me how which aspect you want to use. For example:

Hi! I love these characters! I want to use them for my story!


Hi, you are so awesome. I like this plot. I want to use it for my story. 


Give me everything.

If you end up taking a full plot, I will remove the content and dedicate the chapter to you so other people can check out your work! If you have any further questions, comment or PM me. Thank you and enjoy. 

Oh, and DO NOT USE IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU CAN CONTINUE IT. That's not fair to others or me.

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