Chapter 4

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Hiding has always been a skill of mine. I've never been the tallest in my class but one of the smallest, so fitting into small spaces wasn't hard. Thankfully I haven't grown to be tall, otherwise I wouldn't be able to fit between some resturants garbage can as I am now. I always seem to be hiding or sneeking around, the day when I walk into a shop without a wig or contact lenses hiding the real me, will be the best day of my life! 


I squeeze my head through the tiny gap I just came through and peer round at the van. The van I'm going to catch a ride with into the palace grounds with.

"Yo! C'mon man, really? Couldn't you have brought the meat all at once?" 

"Sorry mate, I'm not the f**k**g Hulk!"

"Look, it was just four pieces of meat! That is not asking for a lot!"

"Well I clearly haven't got all of it so get your arse back over there."

"The things I do........."

I watch as the two deliverers march back round the building to the kitchens the van is parked infront of. I grin, the is going to be easier than I thought. I roll myself out from behind the bins and crawl over to the buildings corner, covered by the shadows. Three girls are walking towards me and a man is walking a dog at the end of the street. Apart from that it's clear. I wait until they're out of sight and casually walk over to the van. The sun is making me burn up, I shouldn't of worn my black hoodie today. 

"Are you sure you've got it all this time?" 

"Aye, you were standing right beside me, not like I could've got it wrong."

"Hurry up Phil! King Falkon will not be in a great mood if you don't put your back into it!"

I duck behind the bonet of the van and tiptoe over to passenger door. Slowly kneeling down to the ground I lie flat on my stomach and roll under the vehicle and grab whatever pipe I can so my body isn't touching the ground. Jeez! It's a lot harder than the movies make out. I'll like die if we go over a speed bump. 

"Right, throw it in the back."

"Ok,Ok, Calm down, we've got plently of time to get it to the palace."

The engine all of a sudden comes on nearly making me die of shock and losing grip.  I stiffle a giggle, I feel like a bloody spy. Agent Mjay, my mission, break into the Palace without notice, then destroy the King. Perfect. 


I am going to fricken kill the bloody driver if he doesn't go in the next ten seconds. I will personally drive there myself, not that I would get far though. 


The van lurches forward scraping my back along the road. I gulp back a cry. That definatley drew blood, I can almost feel it trickling down my spine. Oh my God! This driver is gonna pay for this! We continue down the road and then turn the corner so we're on the main road. My arms are already straining to keep my grip even though I've only been holding onto it for about one minute. I seriously need to work out. No upper body strength is just a slight problem. It feels like my muscles are on fire and ripping out of my arms. Everytime we turn a corner I lose my grip even more making sharp pains shoot up my arms making my bones wrattle.

Finally the van comes to a hault and the two men climb out. I allow myself to drop silently to the ground which is now smooth, white marble. I blow a sigh of relief and let my brain slowly go back to my earlier, 'Think and behave like a spy' manner.

"Alright, we're in trouble."

"What? How.....................oh.."

I turn my head so I can see the two deliverers feet. A small plump man is running down the large driveway of the palace. WOW, the palace is huge. Well I gues he's the King an all but...........really that much house can' be good for you.

"Where have you been!?" the fat man yells

"Um, well...."

"Urg..nevermind, just get the meat to the kitchen."

One of the delivery men whispers something to the other making him snort out a burst of laughter.

"Excuse me!" the fat man scowls

"Oh sorry sir, nothing." one of them blurts out

"Get a move on! The King is furious!"

I stay where I am, not daring to move a muscle. Suddenly a blast of dust  is blown in my direction. My nose all of a sudden starts to twich making me want to itch it but my hands have gone dead from all the effort of holding onto the van for so long and I can no longer feel them. Don't sneeze Willow, please just do not sneeze. I try to pinch my nose with my arm but fail....badly.


"Bless you."

"Wait, Who was that?!"

I automatically reach for my knife and bring it to my side. I watch as the deliverers feet start walking around the van until they're out of my sight and only the fat man is left standing. He slowly walks up to the van and whispers something I can't quite hear. Suddenly a hand clamps down on my ankle and drags me backwards from my hiding place into the sunlight. 

"A girl?"


"You idiots! Maybe it's the killer, I think the killer is meant to be a girl anyway?" 

"Yeah but no one knows what she even looks like! The police change the posters everyday to a completly different girl. They don't even know."

The fat palace man walks hesitantly up to my face, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

I ignore his question but respond with a swipe of my knife. The man imediatley lets my ankle go and retreats behind the fat man.

"Look here, with a press of this button I can alert six guards to my side within two minutes." The fat man announces proudly, clearly not fazed by my knife waving infront of his chubby face.

I don't talk to my victims unless I'm sure I can't be caught. Because if I am caught and or escape then they'll be able to identify me by my voice. So I just stand there glaring at my opponents. If I try to stab the fat guy then the other two could easily make a grab for me. 

"Just drop the weapon, we can solve this with a more....sane and sensible approach. Please just come with me to the palace, we can work this out." He attempts

Does he think I'm really that stupid? I jab the air with my knife just inches from his nose to make him nervous but also to see what the other two will do. His finger twitches which I notice and identify as the alert button. My cue to run and hide. I tighten my grip on the knife and stab it into the chest of the van driver for causing me so much pain. I yank it out, dripping with blood and turn to sprint. He kneels to the floor in utter pain. 

"Bob! Are you ok? Stay with me mate."

"No one gets away with stabbing ma best mate without my concent!" Phil says charging at me with all his strength. He rugby tackles me to the marble driveway so we're wrestling on the floor. I try stabbing him but he has surprisingly good reflexes and is incredibly strong. He is like the bloody Hulk. 

"Get her Philip!" the palace man calls, "The guards are just coming!"

CRAP! The guards! I am gonna get caught this time! I can here thumping coming from behind me. Getting louder and louder. I try to push Philip away with all my strength but he doesn't budge. 

"You will pay for what you did!" Phil screams at me

I stop struggling and go still. You will pay for what you did is what Harper said in my dream. I can hear her voice saying it in my head over and over. Why won't she stop? It wasn't my fault, doesn't she understand? 

The thumping stops, "UNDER THE ORDERS OF KING FALKON, STOP WHAT YOUR DOING NOW!" A deep voice yells.

A gun fires and tears through my back sending me to go rigid. Pain swells up my spine and a small beat of blood drips from the corner of my mouth. I gag then fall flat on my chest. I don't move but I'm still breathing, just in short shallow gasps. For a second relief floods me as I realise I'm still alive but then black spots appear at the corners of my eyesight. Then...


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