.1 they're loud

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There were seven of them. I could hear each and everyone of them coming from a mile away. Unfortunately, we were only separated by the 26 feet of space in between our homes.

There's the tall, lanky blonde one who can't keep his mouth shut. The short one who laughs in a hideous fashion. The black one who, though is fairly quiet, wears a ridiculous snap back over his head almost every day. Another small blonde who runs around in a blue jumper throwing things like a maniac. The second tall one with a beard, who looks mature, but has an extremely unattractive hair cut. The one who has obvious Indian roots with bushy eyebrows was the shortest of them all. And finally, the other black one. This one was rowdiest of them all-enjoying jumping around and being as loud as humanly possible.

And they just moved in 3 days ago.

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