Last day at college

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Me and my best friend Lucy where getting in to my car (I passed my test like a year ago) she wanted a lift home so of course I did. "I can't believe we have finished college and we haven't got to come back" Lucy said as I started the engine. "I loved learning textiles mum is going to help me become a fashion designer" I said and Lucy looked at me and smiled. "That's amazing Tiff your going to do amazing" she said and i smiled at her. "Me and dad are going to look in to female tennis" Lucy said and I smiled see the thing that is different about me and Lucy she is a tomboy and I'm a girly girl. "I bet you in a few years you'll be in the Olympics" I reassured her and she just laughed. "No way mate" she replied and I looked at her shocked. "Lucy have more faith in your self darling or you'll never achieve" I said and she looked at me and shook her head. "And stop calling me darling" she said and I laughed. We arrived at Lucy's house and she gave me a hug and got out of the car and I waited for her to walk in her house and I turned my music up I was listening to 'Justin Bieber sorry' I love this song.

I arrived home and my mum wasn't home she was at work I sat on the sofa and put the tv on and put friends on it was like my favourite program I watch it all the time I most probably watched them all about 50,000,000,000 times I was watching the one where Monica and chandler get married i love it. Not long after I started it my mum walked in. "Darling your home that's great I need to ask you something" she said and she walked into the kitchen. "What mum?" I asked as I carried on watching friends. "I need you to come in to my work for a few weeks to help me there is so much work" she said and I laughed. "You have an assistant for a reason" I said and she looked at me with that look she has it's like a warning look. "Fine" I said that look scares me. "Good tomorrow" she said and I looked at her shocked. "Mum you do know it's my summer holiday and my birthday soon?" I asked just to see if she remembered. "I know stupid but your not going to be sitting on that arse of yours all day for six weeks" she said and she walked of to her bedroom and I was pissed of it was my summer holiday well not even that she is meant to help me get into fashion but the way she is acting it's like she isn't bothered and that annoys me I have been studying that now for two to three years and she won't even help me.

That night I was looking in the fridge I was so hungry mum hasn't cooked anything she was texting her new boyfriend I bet he is why she doesn't care about me god she made me angry I picked up my iPhone 6 in white and gold and my purse and my car keys and walked out and got in my car and drove to the bar around the corner I wasn't going to drink apart from two maybe.

I arrived at the bar and I walked over to the bar where I asked for an orange juice and I say at a table near by and sat there this hot guy walked in and he was for he looked at me and smiled at me and the whole way he walked to the bar he was checking me out well I thought. I texted Lucy and she was meeting me here. I was wearing my denim shorts and I was wearing this pink top that showed my cleavage and pink sandals my hair was curly it was warm outside.

Lucy walked in and sat down with me. "I'll get you a drink" I said. "Thanks a Coke please" she said I nodded and I walked up to the bar. "Coke please" I said to the bar man. "Not drinking?" The hot guy next to me asked. "Nope I'm old enough but I'm driving" I said and his smile grew. "Here you go Tiffany" he said I smiled and gave him the money. "Thanks Dave" I replied I was about to walk away. "Tiffany hot name" the hot guy said I smiled. "Thanks" I replied and I walked away and I gave Lucy her drink. "Wow he was checking you out" Lucy said after I sat down. "Yeah but we all know he is after one thing" I said. "And what am I after?" The hot guy said and he sat down. "Well men like you only expect on thing sex" I said and he looked at me and then away. "Well I'm not like that" he said I looked away awkwardly. "I'm Josh" he said and I just nodded. "Cool" I replied. "Please have a drink with me" he asked I looked at him and then back at Lucy. "Sorry I'm with a friend maybe another time if I see you" I said and he looked upset and looked away and walked away. "Tiff you so should of had a drink with him" she replied I looked at her and then at him. "I can't I'm driving home" I said and she looked at me like I was dumb. "I'm sure Dave won't mind you leaving your car here" she said. "Of course Tiffany you can leave your car have fun darling" Dave said and I smiled. "Thanks Dave" I replied and he walked away. "Max is picking me up I want you and that Josh to get to know each other see you he is outside" she said and she hugged me and left and I was left shocked. It didn't take that hot Josh long because a few seconds she left he was sitting at my table with two shots. "What is in them?" I asked and he smiled. "Vodka only one then we will stick to what you want" he said I looked at him then I looked at the shot I picked it up and downed it. "Done" I said and he looked at me shocked then he quickly picked his up and after he finished it he was coughed.

We spent the night laughing and having fun after a few more shots we stuck to Coke. "I better be going" I said and I got up and so did he. "I'll walk you out" he said and I smiled and nodded. We where outside the pub and I was about to walk away. "Wait" he called and he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him and he kissed me and at first I didn't kiss him back but after I really enjoyed it and I kissed him back and his hands appeared on my bum and he was running his hands around it I wrapped my arms around his neck I was enjoying it was enjoying his touch I was enjoying the way we fitted together. We pulled away and I said goodbye and I left and went home and when I arrived home I went straight to bed.

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