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"Fucking hell."

Ashton dropped the phone in shock, eyes wide and muscles frozen. The line hung up, and Ashton was left with a beeping phone and a sobbing Michael. He opened the door, sticking his head through, telling the class, "Stay silent."

He sat Michael on the floor and stumbled with his phone. Scrolling through for his contacts, he clicked on the one that said Lukey The Penguin 🐧. He waited impatiently, choking on his sobs, until Luke finally picked up.



"Ashton? What's wrong, is everything okay?"

"N-No, I- Calum got shot, a-and he's in th-the hospital a-and-"

"Ash? Ashton calm down. Just breathe, okay? Oh God, do you need anything?"

"P-please come g-get us, I-I don't think it's s-safe for us to dri-ive."

"I'm on my way."

Ashton hung up, taking in a choppy breath. He grabbed the school phone and dialed the main office, asking for a sub. Five minutes later, the substitutes came in and they heard, "Brooklyn Hemmings for dismissal."

Seconds later, Brooklyn walked out of the classroom, looking worriedly at Ashton and Michael. "What's wrong Daddy?" Brooklyn asked, putting her tiny hand into Ashton's. Ashton simply picked the little girl up, setting her on his hip.

He yanked Michael to his feet, Michael still wracked with sobs, wrapping his arms around his brother's torso and dragging him along. They saw Luke in the main office, who took Brooklyn from Ashton.

"What hospital?" Luke asked, getting into the car. "Greensboro," was all Ashton said, before putting his head on his hands, keeping in his sobs. He was in shotgun, Michael in the back next to Brooklyn.

Michael's head was laid onto Brooklyn's car seat, and Brooklyn was playing with his hair. It seemed to be calming Michael, so no one said anything. Once at the hospital, Michael ran to the front desk, Ashton, Luke and Brooklyn trailing behind.

"I-I'm here for Calum C-Clifford-Hood." Michael stuttered at the desk worker. She typed something in on the computer, saying, "He's about to go into osurgery. You can wait in the waiting room. They'll bring him back if he survived."

Ashton looked at the woman in disbelief. If he survived? Thanks for releasing the wild badgers on their faces.

"Ah, Mr. Clifford-Hood." They heard. Turning to the right, they saw a doctor and the chief of the police department walking over. "Just call me Michael." Michael whispered, his voice hoarse from all the crying. The doctor nodded.

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