Working at a small sea-side restaurant did not pay well, -or most didn't pay well- but it was one of the best jobs a young adult could do while on a college budget. The restaurant's name was Electronic Island. It was small, but it was quite popular with the young people of today's generation. You didn't need much brain power to figure out why it was called Electronic Island. The entire place was filled with electronic music, throbbing lights and good food.  

I was the head waitress of the restaurant, and one of the most popular. You see, this was not just a regular restaurant. It was a place young men, and sometimes older men, came to play with the young and beautiful girls that worked here. We had the job of being hostess, and entertaining them in any way possible, as long as it did not get too carried away.  

"Baby Kitten, get your cute butt over here and serve this young man."  

I winced at the sound of my boss's voice. My real name was Avaline, but my boss had picked the name 'Baby Kitten' for me, saying it sounded more seductive for my position. I hurried over to where my boss was standing. All the while, I felt stares roaming my body; like the customers were savage beings hungry for the next scrap of food. Of course I was used to it, but today cut the cake for the regular people who came here. My boss had picked out a daring outfit for me today, knowing I could pull off the part with success. 

Long black leather platform boots, a short black and red corset dress, which hugged my entire body with perfection and ended right in the middle of my thighs. My dark brown hair was up in pigtails, hanging close to my shoulders. I wore fishnet stockings and solid black fingerless gloves. Contacts resided in my eyes, making my eyes look red. My skin was pale, adding to the effect. It seemed to pull at the customers sexual desires it seemed, since I've been getting aroused looks ever since I stated work. 

"Hey Baby Kitten, how about you come over here and I'll show you a real good time." A man yelled out as I walked by. I ignored him, focusing on my walking instead of the men. My hips swayed seductively from side to side, my walk like a prowling feline. Finally, I stopped in front of the boy and gave a flirtatious smile. 

"Hey cutie, what can I get for you?" I asked as I bent down and pulled out a note book and pen from inside my boots. He was new; I could tell by the way his wide eyes stared at me in shock and desire. He was also young, like 17 or 18. 

"I-I..." He choked on his words and I gave a small giggle, which sent him blushing. I placed my hand on the table and leaned forward. He leaned back against the chair in surprise, his eyes wide. I reached my other hand up and traced a long black fingernail across his jaw and smiled seductively. 

"Now, don't be so shy. I'm here to serve you," I leaned closer, my lips brushing along his ear. "Until after work." I whispered softly. I heardv him suck in his breath, his imagination roaming to the possibilities of what that could mean. I leaned back up and smiled at his shocked friends.  

"What can I get for you?" I asked them, waiting for the young boy to regain his composure. They quickly told me what they wanted. 

"How about you get me your number and we can meet up sometime?" It was the only new guy who was grinning instead of the regular embarrassed attitude. My smile did not falter as I focused on him. 

"Baby, you won't even be able to handle me. Grow up a little before you play with the big guns." I winked before taking their orders and heading to the back. My friend Emma moved to my right, carrying a stack of dirty dishes. She wore all white and large white wings. She was pretty as an succubus and as charming as a angel. Her platinum blonde hair was just a bonus to her beautiful face. 

"I still can't find out how you can act so effortlessly, Avaline!" She placed the dishes on the counter and they were quickly taken by a kitchen staff. I flashed a cute smile at her as I put the orders up for the chef to cook. 

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