Chapter 3- School Day Antics

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   I fixed my school skirt for the 10,000,000,000 time today. "Miss Honda?" asked Yuki. "Can you fix my tie?"

   "Oh!" I yelped, "I got it!" I fixed his tie as quickly as I could, tying it in a Four-in-hand.

   Yuki touched my hair, putting it behind my ear and shouder. "Akemi, are you ok? What's the rush?"

'You serious?' I thought. 'I want to see Haru, you moron!' What a dope.

   "You know, its a co-ed school! I wanna see some guys."

   Kyo laughed. "Why? You already see 3 a day!" I give him a look.

   "Besides my family....." I said a little meaner than I intended. "Okay, Jesus!"

   So after 15 minutes of walking, we were approaching the school. After the whole orientation thing, I was talking to Haru. Of course, he was with Momiji.

   "Her Har-" I started.

  "Excuse me," 2 girls cut in. I frowned. So close. "An orange haired guy is looking for you two." Dammit Kyo! Ruining my conversation that hasn't even started yet!!! Haru looked behind the two girls. "Hey Akemi!" He said, happily. I smiled. He never went Black Haru on me. "Akemi!" I hear Momiji. He jumped up and hugged me. Is he wearing a girls uniform? I looked to Haru, who nodded. "Momiji? What the hell are you doing, wearing a girl's uniform?!" I wasn't yelling, just wondering. "This one looks better on me than the boy's." I blinked. "Alrighty then....." Haru smiled. "We better go see Kyo, before he throws a fit." I smiled back, blushing a bit. "Good plan."  We walked out into the hall and see Tohru with Kyo. Tohru was also in on ruining my conversation. What's wrong with conversing?! "Oh Momiji!" I heard her high pitched voice. "Tohru!" He yelled. He jumped as if to hug her, and Kyo smacked him down. "What the hell do you think you're doing?! Wearing a girl's uniform?!" "WAHH!" Momiji yelled, "Somebody! Kyo's hitting me!" Haru walked over like a normal human being. "The teachers said it was okay." "Yeah. That's right." I smiled. "It looks good on you!" Kyo gave me a pleading look. "What difference does that make?" Yuki walked up to us, looking shocked when he saw Momiji. "Momiji? What in the world are you wearing?" When he said that, I felt my face burn. I don't know why. Yuki caught me staring at him, and smiled. A cute smile. SNAP OUT OF IT, AKEMI! I scolded myself.


   "So Yuki," Tohru asks, "Are you all done with your work?" "No not quite. I just came to see the commotion." "Hey! Listen, listen!" Momiji said, gaining our attention. "I'm not supposed to goof off, because if I do, it'll be too easy to crash into girls. So I'm going to try to play it cool at school!" I smiled. Adorable!!!! "How the HELL can you call wearing a dress cool?!" Kyo demanded. I then heard a voice. "A valid point Kyo Sohma, class 2-D." We turned our heads to see a boy with black hair and glasses. Guess we're in trouble.

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