Chapter 2

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  We had been walking for about 10 minutes and I was finally brave enough to ask. "Your mum, didn't mention Simba, um... how do you know about him?" I asked.

  He hesitated then his stomach grumbled. "Lets eat" He responded and I sighed. I looked around. "Which way?" I asked, because I had been focusing on my paws the whole time we were walking.

  He didn't answer but just looked around. "It's this way" He said, unsurely. I stared at him and backed away. "You forgot the way!" I stumbled back, horrified.

  I could see the frightened eyes of him. "No, no, I do know i-it!!" He stuttered, loudly. He darted off without me. I dug my claws into the ground and raced after him. He was panicing aswell.

   "We have to stick together!" I called after him. In the distance he skidded to a halt. "Stop!" He shouted as he saw me running at him. I began to stop but I skidded and bumped into him. He fell, but dug his nails on the edge.

  We were on a cliff. And by, we were high. "Help" He gasped, clawing as much as he could. I ran off and grabbed a branch. He bit onto it and I pulled him up. His breathing was heavy as he stared at the dirt below.

  I followed his eyes and examined the height when I saw something down there. It was another cub. I turned to Sayar and he stared at the same cub. "What do we do?" He asked, without looking at me.

  "Go down and help it" I growled at the stupid question. I walked around and finally found a path which led down to it. It was difficult but we finally made it.

  Sayar nudged it with his nose but it just lay there. It was breathing but the female cub just lay there. "Are you alive?" I asked, stupidly. Her eyes gently opened. Her eyes looked at me then to Sayar and whipped back to me.

  She leapt up but toppled over again. "Kaia?!" She yelped. I focused on the sandy lioness cub. "Laika!" I yelped back, prancing with her. Sayar looked at us, like we were aliens.

  "We're looking for you, everywhere! We thought you were dead" She squeaked. I glanced around the deserted grounds. "Where are the others?" I asked. Her smile faded away.

  "I wondered off alone. They were walking to slow..." She mumbled, unproud. I nudged her. She smiled at me then took a step back as she studied Sayar. "Who's he?" She asked.

  Sayar straightened up. "I am  Sayar. " He introduced. She just nodded then looked away. I headed up back the cliff as the others followed. "Looks like we;re all working together?" She said it as a question.

  I nodded without looking back, trying to focus on the direction. Then we all heard a rumble.


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