Chapter 2

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We were out of school that Monday due to a holiday or something. My house was right next to Darrell's as a matter of fact our bedroom windows faced each other. Darrell and I used to always climb out our windows and go to each others house as kids, and though we weren't kids I wanted to climb out my window and cuddle in my friends arms. But it just wouldn't be right. As I stared in his window, I watched as he came in with with a skinny kid I couldn't stand named Joseph. Joe was always a pain, whining like a girl, wearing odd clothes, but Darrell always had a personal interest in him and now I knew why. Joe must be the guy he was seeing. I immediately felt myself start to get jealous as I watched the two of them together.

They started off talking I just wished I could have heard their conversation. But then everything started to change, Darrell started appearing to be upset, his arms were flying as he spoke and he paced back and forth in front of Joe. There voices were getting louder, but not loud enough that I could make out what they were saying. I sat and watched the two of them argue. Joe would try to hug Darrell, and Darrell would push away and shake his head. It was a heated argument. At some point Joe started crying, and Darrell wrapped his arms around him to comfort him and then they started kissing. I felt myself getting angry possessive. He was supposed to be kissing me not scrawny pain in the ass Joe. Just as I began to fume, I saw Darrell look over at me our eyes met and Darrell closed the blinds, I felt like such and ass he knew I was watching. I wanted to walk over there to explain, I also wanted to pull Joe away from Darrell. I wanted to be in Darrell's arms. It was the strangest felling I had ever had. If I didn't know better I'd think I was falling for my best friend.

Tuesday morning came fast. We all took turns driving, today was my turn so I sat in my car extremely tired waiting for everyone to pile in. I had spent the entire night trying to figure out how I was going to explain my peeping tom moment to Darrell. I also wondered if he would bring it up or just dismiss the whole incident. I sat in my car dreading this conversation. Charlotte who lived across the street was the first to greet me. She came over first and hopped in the backseat as usual.

"Good morning" she sang in her all too happy morning voice. "Seen loverboy yet?" she asked referring to Darrell.

"Yep, he's with Joe?" I asked dryly, trying not to show emotions.

"Yeah. How did you find that out?” She asked seeming a little shocked that I knew.

“I saw them together last night. They were arguing. I think.” I told her, trying not to make it too obvious that I was spying on Darrell.

“They are horrible together, he has been trying to break up with him, and now he really wants to after this weekend."

"Really!" I was excited hoping it was because of me.

Charlotte laughed, "Yeah really," she pulled her self forward so she was right to the side of me. "He is really crazy about you. And I know you are unsure about all this homosexual stuff, but he doesn't think of you as gay or straight he just loves you." she said.

We waited a little longer and then we both watched Darrell leave his house with Joe, get in Joe's car and leave. I turned back and looked at her, "Love my ass, Joe spent the night with him." I was so upset I couldn't talk to Darrell for days.

Two weeks went by and Darrell and I hadn't spoken to each other and apart from off and on random gazes we rarely looked in each others directions. We continued the avoiding each other on our morning rides. In fact Darrell stopped riding with us completely.

Things started getting real rough between me and Tonya, I was losing interest in her and she could feel it. One early morning I got a breakup text from her.

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