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I am Marco. The Harvest Wars Crusade is my brainchild and since you found your way here, I welcome you to check it out. Before you do so, a few pieces of useful information...

1. The Harvest Wars – Crusade is the second installment in my Harvest Wars series, so if you have not read the first part yet (Awakening), I recommend that you start with that one. You don't have to however... for what you are about to read can pretty much stand on its own. Your choice. :)

2. Another of my works, the Tales of Ruuin, can (exclusively) be found on Wattpad. This short story collection (a work in progress) is set in the same world but plays about a decade earlier than the Harvest Wars. ToR is the playground I use to explore certain characters you'll meet in the Harvest Wars. (To give you an idea, Harvest Wars and Tales of Ruuin are connected to each other as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are connected – same world, different times, some of the same characters. :) You don't need knowledge of the one in order to enjoy the other.)

3. Also, a fair word of warning to save you some disappointment: What you are about to read is only 10% of the whole Crusade novel, which is the maximum I am allowed by Amazon to share for free. The good news is that it will not end in a cliffhanger. What you are about to read is the whole prolog of the story, which in itself could serve as a complete, self-contained short story.

4. Lastly, the reason why I decided to bring this part of Crusade to Wattpad is ... Well, it's Christmas! And because I want to extend my Immortalized Contest to it. What's that you say? It is a way of getting your alter ego in one of my stories. More details you'll find in the Afterword.

That's it! Without further delay, enjoy the story. =)

Have a very Happy Christmas everyone!


PS: In case you'd like to purchase the full version of Crusade, you'll find a link where you can buy it in the Afterword.

PPS: Please also take a moment and leave votes. (In case you did not know), you can vote on each chapter by clicking on the fancy star symbol at the end of a part. Votes help a lot to get the story out there and further up the Wattpad rankings. Also, knowing that you enjoy my work makes me happy and will motivate me to deliver more and more stories. =D

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