Chapter 7: Hello, it's me

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Alexandra's P.O.V.

My eyes took time to getting used to the bright sunshine. But when I didn't have any problems with it anymore, I slowly sat up, and looked around. In a half-circle around me sat the five boys from erlier this day (I'm not even gonna pretend that I remember all the names). They were staring at me with wide eyes, like something really dramatic had happened. Then I realised that something dramatic had happened.

I took a deep breath before speaking.

"You know, I feel uncomfortable when you look at me that way..."

Well, that didn't help the staring. The boys just sat there, staring at me in total silence, before.... Was it Lime(?) started to speak.

"You fell of the cliff."

"Yeah, I noticed."

"And you are alive," added the blond boy.

"Yes, I am. And no, I don't know how. Any more questions? Fine, and now, could you please drive me home, because I bet my parents are going crazy, wondering where I am..."


The car ride home to me was silent. Sarah had a seat beside the window, and looked out, trying to hide her face. It was easily seen in the window's reflection, and tears were dominating her face. I did not understand why.

The car finally stopped in front of my house, and five voices insisted on seeing me in to know I was okay. I could understand that they were feeling responsible for my near death-experience. We walked down the path to my family's house. A face showed in the kitchen window, and soon after the door flew open, revealing my step-mother and a very angry expression.

"Alexandra Christin James! Where in the world have you been? No note, no message! Your father and I have been worried to death! Do you know why? Because as far as we were concerned, that is what had happened to you!"

I tried to figure out what to tell her, but I didn't think telling her that "You know, just went on a picnic with my best friend's boyfriend, that happen to be my ex-boyfriend, and his friends, who, together with him, form the world's biggest boyband, then fell of a cliff, nearly drowned, talked to my real mother, and was then saved by said ex-boyfriend. Just a normal day in my life", would calm her down.

My thoughts about explanation were interrupted as a hand gently took hold of my wrist, and turned me around. His green eyes studied my face, and finally showed recognition.

"Alex?" Harry finally whispered. I could not read his face, yet he seemed more confused than anything. I sighed.

"Took you a while, Haz."

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