1. In Due Time

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Riley in multimedia


I closed my eyes as the chopped and screwed remix to I Can't Feel My Face faded in and out through my ears. I ran my free hand over my face since my other hand was holding my third cup of lean. I passed my blunt over to some random bitch that was hanging around me all night. She leaned over to try and kiss my cheek or some shit and I quickly moved and got up.

"I'm out this bitch." I dapped up James and Ace and made my way out the club. I got in my car and slowly made my way home while trying to stay awake. The lean was about to have me gone and all I'm concentrating on is making it home safely so I can pass out in the comfort of my own bed. I pulled into the parking lot of my house and killed the engine. I stumbled out of my car and made my way up the path towards my door. I stopped in my tracks when I seen some pregnant bitch sitting on my porch.

"Who the fuck are you?" Whoever the hell she was looked up and the first thing I noticed was the pissed off look on her face. Her ass always angry.

"Of course you're drunk. When are you ever sober?" She questioned making me twist up my face.

"Always nagging. Ain't that why we broke up?" I walked around her and pulled my keys out my pocket to open my front door.

"No we broke up because you can't get your fucking life on track. Now you have no choice." I finally got my door open and looked back at her to see what the hell she was talking about.

"The hell you mean I ain't got..." I trailed off as my eyes trailed down to her bulging stomach. How did I forget that she was pregnant that damn fast. Seeing her pregnant just killed my entire high. "Naw, don't even come to my residence with this drama Riley. You know I'm not that type of dude. I told you from the get that I'm not the one to be trying to build with."

"Don't you think I fucking know that! You're the last person I want this with. I was with you for six months. You're emotionally unstable, a cheater, you're an alcoholic, you have no self confidence, you're depressed and borderline suicidal. I went through the stage of trying to fix you and I accepted that you were a dead end, but by the time I left he was already developing. I can't do this on my own. I'm a single woman in the military. I'm being deployed six weeks after I'm due to give birth. There is no changing my orders around."

"You tripping. What the hell you gone do with the baby?"

"Um, I don't know, give him to to his sorry ass father. Believe me I want to do this on my own, but there is no getting around this deployment."

"It's three in the morning Ry. Go home and sleep on this shit." She smirked and shook her head. She has her uniform on so either she's just coming from work or on her way to work.

"You're such a bitch Damien. I'm not married. You do understand that means that I have to sign over full custody in order to fulfill my obligation to this country right? I thought you would want to be the first to want to take care of your own flesh and blood. Since you're leaving me no other option I'm going to have to give him up for adoption. Why don't you go sleep off the alcohol and think on that." She walked down the stairs and stormed off to her car. I smiled at how cute she looked waddling off to her car. My smile dropped when I realized what she had said to me. I shook my head and turned to walk into my house.

Riley was a cool chick to be with. For one she's in the Army so she's literally only around when I want her around. Her sex was mind blowing, and she's beautiful as hell. When I first approached her I was sure she was going to brush me off, but she was actually fucking with me. She fucked with me tough at that. Her pops is in the military also, so the rest of her family is stationed out in Germany.

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