Chapter 11: The Storm

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  I woke up to a banging sound coming from my door, I groaned and ignored who ever it was. They continued to bang on my door, "Are you gonna get that? I'm trying to get some shut eye." Mushu grumbled. I sighed and got up to open the door, "What is it Mira?" "Well good morning to you too miss grumpy pants. Is everyone in your family infected with grumpyness or is it just you and prince hothead?" I rolled my eyes as she smirked while walking over to my bed and sitting down on it. "Seriously, what do you need? I was kind of busy sleeping." "Hey, just because you're going through a moody teenager phase doesn't mean you need to be snappy with me." "Well, I was just a couple of pirate's prisoner last week ya know." I replied sarcastically. She gave me a look, which was a cross between a glare and pissed off look. She huffed and stood up, "You know what? Be a spoiled rotten princess then, see if I care. Your brother is looking for you, princess." She stomped out of my room and down the hall. I instantly felt bad, but I didn't show it. "What's wrong with you? First me, then Mori and now Mira? Is this because of what happened to you on that pirate ship? Did they do something to you?" Mushu asked concerned. I rolled my eyes, "I told you before. I'm fine, I'm just still worn out from everything. I don't see why that's such a hard thing to understand, I mean I'm sure Aang would understand if he was here. Sometimes, I just need to be left alone to clear my mind and not have everyone constantly questioning my actions." I stated. "This isn't about us being concerned about you is it?" Mushu asked. I was silent for a couple of minutes since I didn't know what to tell him. "Kaida. Talk to me. Or Zuko. Or your uncle. Talk to someone, just so we can try and help you. I told you, you don't have to deal with any of this alone. That's what family and friends are for. So you don't have to go through the hard times alone." I kept quiet and just stared at the floor. Mushu sighed and got off of my bed, "Fine. If you won't talk to me. Maybe you'll talk to your brother." He stated then walked over to the chest that sat on the other side of my room near the door. I sighed and got off my bed, walking over to my door and opening it. I walked down the hall to my uncle's room, 'Maybe Mushu is right, maybe I should talk to someone.' I thought as I knocked on my Uncle's door. However, he didn't answer which meant he was probably with Zuko right now. I kicked the door out of frustration and it opened, "Uncle?" I asked as I stepped inside. 'Huh? Why would he leave the door unlocked if he wasn't in here?' I thought as I looked around to see if he was inside. I shrugged and went to turn around when I saw his desk covered in scrolls and letters. "You seriously need to clean up Uncle." I said to myself as I went to put them away nicely. I picked up a stack, but a letter managed to escape and fall onto the floor. I set the stack down and picked it up, 'Wait, this is my mother's handwriting.' I thought as I looked over the letter. "What is-" "Princess Kaida? What are you doing in here?" I jumped and turned around to see Zuko and Uncle standing there. "Sorry, I was looking for you and the door was open." I explained giving him a smile as I hid the letter behind my back. He returned the smile and nodded, "Are you feeling better then?" I nodded, "Yes." "Alright, well Prince Zuko and I have somethings to discuss. We can talk later if you would like." I nodded and waved goodbye to them, walking out of the room. I let out a sigh of relief when I was out of the room and they closed the door. I looked at the letter in my hand, 'Now. What do you say?' I thought as I opened it and began to read.  My eyes widened as a reread the sentence over, ' it true?' I thought as I felt my chest start to tighten and I couldn't breathe no matter how hard I tried. I felt like everything was spinning and my head hurt as if I had been slammed into the wall multiple times.  "Princess Kaida, are you.......I can explain.." I turned around and looked at my brother and uncle. "Is it true? Is-is Ozai not my father?" I asked. "Of course he is! What's that letter? Why are you asking this Kaida? Uncle?" Uncle didn't meet Zuko's gaze, he just looked at me with a sad expression. "It's true. This letter is from my mother isn't it?" I asked him. He sighed and nodded, "She didn't want you to find out. If Ozai knew that you weren't his, he would have killed you. She told me so I could protect you." "I still had a right to know who my father is!" "Kaida-" "No Zuko! I'm tired of being lied to because of my safety. I'm suppose to be the Dragon, but everyone keeps lying to me about who I am. Just because they're scared for my safety, I'm not some defenseless little girl anymore! I had to watch some innocent die because of me! Because people thought my father is the fire lord! I'm suppose to save people! Not put them in danger!" I yelled at them both as tears started to prick my eyes. I was too mad to care at the moment if I cried in front of them. "Whenever someone tries to help me they end up getting hurt or worse, getting killed." I cried as I thought back to how those damn pirates made me watch as they killed Rin. I sunk to my knees and Zuko quickly caught me, holding me in his arms as I cried. Suddenly the ship got hit by something and the lights went out, I looked up in alarm and stood with Zuko. "The storm." Uncle stated and we all rushed to the deck to see what happened. I found Mira and Mori, "What happened?" "We got hit by lightning and now the Helmsman is in danger." Mori stated as he pointed to where the Helmsman was hanging from the control room. I saw Zuko and his lieutenant working together to save him. "Mori help me put of these fires. Mira go see if anyone else needs help."  They nodded and I set off to go put out the fires with Mori. After we put out all the fires, we saw Zuko and the lieutenant had saved the Helmsman. I saw Appa fly over us, everyone else noticed too. "The Avatar!" I looked at Zuko and Uncle, "What do you want to do Prince Zuko?" He thought for a few minutes, "Everyone's safety is more important. We need to get out of this storm and somewhere safe until it passes." I smiled, 'Good job Zuko.' "Then we need to head to the eye of the storm. That will be the safest place for us." We set off towards the eye of the storm. I walked off towards my room, away from everyone. I need a couple minutes to myself, I opened the door to see Mushu still asleep. "Mushu!" He woke up with a start, "What!? Are we under attack?!" I shook my head, "No. But we did get hit by lightning, I don't know how you slept through that though." I stated as I sat on my bed. "What's wrong?" I sighed and laid back, staring at the ceiling. "Ozai's not my father..I don't know who is." "What? How do you know that?" "I found a letter my mother wrote to my uncle. I'm just confused now, I thought I knew exactly who I was. But, now I'm starting to see that I have absolutely no clue." Mushu placed a claw on my arm, "You're Kaida. That's all you need to be. Kaida, the Dragon. The girl who is going to help the Avatar bring peace back to the world. It's your destiny. " "I know, but that can't be it. Is that all I am? Just the Dragon? Is that all I'm really meant to be?" "Only you can find that out. No one else. It's your life, your path, your fate." He explained. I sighed, 'As much as I hate to admit it, he's right. No one else can tell me who I am.' I thought as I continued to stare at the ceiling. I heard a knock on my door and sat up, "Come in." I was surprised to see Zuko. "Hey." "Can we talk?" I nodded and moved over so he could sit down. It was quiet for a couple minutes as I awkwardly looked everywhere, but at Zuko who stared at the floor. He looked up and turned towards me. "Kaida. I'm sorry." I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, "What? Why are you sorry?" "You're right. It was wrong for Uncle to keep that secret from you. But, you have to understand. He was following our mother's wishes. She wanted to protect you from father. You and I both know how he's treated his own children. If he found out that you're not only the Dragon, but not even his own child. He would have killed you. She did it to save you. I-I know, this changes some things, but it doesn't change the fact that you're my sister and I love you no matter what." He stated, I smiled and hugged him. "I love you too Zuko. I know Uncle didn't mean any harm from keeping this from me, but I was upset about a lot of things and this just made everything worse." I felt him sigh in relief and hug me tighter. We let go and he smiled at me, but it soon turn into a frown. "Kaida. What happened on that pirate ship and who is Rin?" He asked, I felt my heart skip a beat and I gulped. "Uh....He tried to help me escape a-and they......t-they k-kill-" I felt tears start to form as I tried to tell Zuko what happened to Rin. He hugged me again, "It's okay. I'm sorry I asked, it's probably still a touchy subject. You don't have to tell me." "N-No, it's okay. It just hurts to think about, I need to tell someone though. When I surrendered they took me and threw me in a cell, I refused to eat for the first two days. They finally sent two people down to force me to eat, one of those people was Rin. He was different from the others, he was more caring, not ruthless and mean. Over the first week, we became friends kind of. I told him about what happened to get me in the cell, he told me about how he got sold to the Captain from his step-father. One night, he tried to help me escape onto a dingy, I told him we could go together. He got me out of my cell and onto the deck, but the Captain caught us before we could leave. They grabbed me and forced me to watch as they beat Rin to death, then they threw him overboard. " I told Zuko as tears streamed down my face. He gave me a heartbroken look and hugged me again. I cried as I remembered Rin, "I-I'm suppose to help people, but I-I couldn't even save Rin." "Kaida. That's not your fault." "But, I could have used my bending or fought them." "Then you would be dead instead of Rin. He wouldn't want that."I sniffled as Zuko hugged me and rocked me back and forth trying to calm me down. Eventually my eyes started to get heavy and I started to fall asleep in Zuko's arms. 

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