Settling In Part 1

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This is Part 2 that follows From My Life. A General Fiction Story with some snippets of truth through it.

In From My Life, we get a good glimpse of who I was as a child and what and who were the influences that helped to shape my life. 

It would be an idea to read From My Life  first to get a better understanding of this story.

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The story continues.......

It was hard to settle in when we had moved from our first home to another one far away in to the country.

The land was different. The people were different. The houses were different. Even the air was different.

In fact, everything was now different.

We couldn't get outside and do whatever we wanted now we were here. Mum said most people wouldn't know who we were and might get cranky at us.

I couldn't even go out and play even if I wanted to. My back wouldn't let me.

After the first visit we made to the hospital the day after we got here, the doctors said I had to "take it easy" and not do any rough housing. That meant playing rough in or around the house, I knew that 'cause I asked Mum once what it meant.

Not that I could play like that anymore anyways. Mum wouldn't let me. I was also in a bit of pain if I did, anyway.

We couldn't even go outside and play on the road like we did back home. I still thought the place we came from  was home 'cause that was where we all was born and grew up. It was where I thought my Nan still was even though I knew she wasn't..

Not for a long time anyway.

We moved in one of the school holidays. Mum told Daddy that it would be better for all of us and we could start school in a fresh term. So we did.

It was hard for me to go to school when I had to use the wheelchair sometimes. But the teachers were all good about it I thought and looked after me and helped me get about.

The schools we all went to were much different from our old ones. I don't know why, but I really thought that. I truly did.

And as usual there was some kids that weren't nice to anyone. They would go and bully others. They weren't very nice. They also got in trouble with the teachers a lot too. I don't think I like them ones much.

They even looked at me very funny like and when they did, it would make me feel scared. So I tried to avoid being anywhere near them.

It was hard for us to settle in and get use to being in this place that was now our new home.

Don't get me wrong, the house was okay. Daddy even began to dig up part of the back yard for a vegie patch. But he had to make sure that when I was in my wheelchair, I could still get about in and out of the house. Mum helped Daddy too.

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