《Chapter 12》

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[Name]'s POV

I sat on my bed, enjoying the night view from my bedroom's window as I drank my hot cocoa. Today is the last day in 2015 and tomorrow is the new start in 2016. I smiled as I remembered what happened in 2015 with End Class and Korosensei. The truth is, I never had that much fun in my other schools compared to End Class. I looked at the calendar. There was a note on it.

It was a note about Karma's birthday. The girls wrote it when they visited me. It's really a shame that I can't go to his birthday party with End Class. Should I make a surprise for him? I smiled and grabbed my phone, then dialed his number. He answered right away.

"Moshi moshi, [Name]-chan? Why are you calling me?~" I sighed. He's teasing me on the phone even, like always.

"Um...nothing. Are you free now?" I asked him.

"Now? Yup, I'm free. My parents are still on their business trip. Why?"

"Want to meet up? I'm kinda bored at home." I smiled when he said he was free. Lately I felt more comfortable around Karma compared to when we first met. "Let's meet at the park!"

"Sure." I ended the call, grabbed my coat, and walked to the park.

On the way to park, I saw something that may be perfect for his birthday present. I went to the store and bought it. I'm sure that he will like it.

I arrived at the park and saw Karma sitting on the one of swings. He noticed my presence beside him. He smiled and I returned the sweet gesture.

"Sorry for making you wait." I sat on the swing beside him.

"You made me wait for a half hour, [Name]-chan."

"Seriously?!" I'm sure I didn't that long just to buy his present.

"Just kidding," he grinned. I punched his arm and he just laughed. "Gomen, gomen, It's just fun to tease you. What is in the bag?" Karma pointed at his present.

"This? This is for you. Don't open it now! It's my apology for not coming to your birthday party." I gave the present to him. "Jaa, my business is done. I will go now." I stood up from the swing and walked away. But Karma stopped me by grabbing my hand.



What is this feeling?

I looked at Karma. He stood up from the swing and flashed me his famous smirk. "Since we're both bored, why don't we watch the fireworks? It's almost midnight."

I tried to control my blush. Please don't notice it! Please don't! Why am I feeling like this towards Karma? I never felt like it before.

"Ara, you're face is red! Kawaii."

"U-urusai!" I turned my head. Why did he have to see me like this? "Please, you can let me go now." I pointed at his hand. He just grinned like an idiot.

"I feel don't want to. Saa, let's watch the fireworks together!" He took my hand and made me walk beside him. My heart can't take this anymore. Why it won't stop?! At this rate he will hear it.

"Kar-Karma, I can walk by myself!" Now I shuttered. Why?

"Where is the 'Karma-kun', huh?" he teased.

"I'm swear I will hit your stupid head when my hands are free." I pouted. "Anyway, where we going?"

"Hm, to the place where we can be alone," he smirked.

Suddenly I saw many fireworks. I smiled and nudged Karma's arm. I made him look at the fireworks. "It's beautiful!" I can't stop smiling right now.

I heard Karma mumble something, but I can't hear it because of the loud noise of the fireworks. I asked him what was he saying, but he just smiled and said that it was nothing. I sighed and let him go this time, because I wasn't in the mood to argue.

"Karma-kun." He turned his head to me. "Happy New Year."

He smiled and let me hand go now. I miss his warm hand on my hand. Wait, why i'm thinking like that? Karma giggled and ruffled my hair until it look messy. "Happy new Year too, tomato-chan."


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