Chapter 1- Sex at First Sight

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Screams are coming from the back room..............again. Will they ever stop? Courtney thought to  herself  and roll her eyes at the closed door down the short hallway.  She gets up and quickly walk out to the front door into the warm afternoon air.  She couldn’t stay in here any longer and listen to that. She  pulls her phone out of the tight jeans pocket, and look for  her cousin Ashley's number, and  She answers on the second ring.

"Hey Courtney" she says with her perky voice.

"Hey Ashley. What you doing?" she ask in a flat voice.

"What's wrong with you? You sound annoyed by something." she rolled her eyes at the phone. If you only knew, she thought to herself.

"Krissy and Jason are at it again" she said into the phone and slowing walking down to the mailbox just to have something to do. Instead of stand there listening to the constant knocking.

"Again? Will those two ever stop fucking each other like some damn bunnies?" Courtney laughs at her because with her soft but perky voice cursing just doesn't sound right.

"Yes again. Will you come get me? I don't wanna stay here." she asked slowly walking back up to the house.

"Sure, I'll be there in 5." She says and hangs up.

Ashley was a short shapely girl and she had dark violet eyes like Courtney have. She was only twenty-five and happy as can be. She had pretty blond hair that she cut into a short bob, that she sometimes let grow really long. Her voice was always soft but very happy, and she just got rid of her braces so her teeth were very white and straight.

She always seem happy, and it was very rare for her to be mad or upset.  Her dad was white but her mom, my aunt, was black. So she had pretty light skin that many people would kill to have. She was also a lesbian. Which only a few people knew about not including her parents who were the preacher and first lady of their church. Who also were CEOs of the business they owned together. She knew that parent would never accept her for that, so she just keep it to herself. Every now and then she would bring a boy around to ease her parents suspension of her.

Courtney walk back inside and its quiet now.  She grabs her purse from the table then head out the door when I hear the horn outside.

" I'm gone!" she yell to the back room but don't get an answer, so she  just walk swiftly out the door and close it and lock it. As she walk down the small steps of the porch she admires Ashley's beautiful car not to mention she had one more car at her house, it was the latest model of the charger.

When she got closer to the car she notice there was someone else in the car with her. Courtney didn't know who it was, but she was about to find out. When she got in the car Courtney notice that she had long bright red hair, and pretty brown eyes. She was wearing a black shirt, and a short skirt showing her long shapely legs. She wore about four thick rubber band bracelets around each wrist. She had light skin and seems to be mixed with something  but she wasn't sure what it could be. She was very very pretty, I wonder who she is she thought to herself. Then wondered if she was Ashley's new girlfriend.

" Hey Ash" Courtney got in the car.

"Hi" Courtney also said to Miss unknown.

"Hey Hun this is Rebecca. Becca this is my cousin Courtney" "Hi" Rebecca says nicely then turn back up front not sure what else to say.

"We can go to the mall or something Ash, as long as we get away from this house." she said pulling out her phone after it vibrated.

" I got a better idea," Ashley said with a naughty smile on her face. Courtney was never sure what she was thinking once she smiled, she liked that.

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