GIRL;"OMG! It's our 5 year anniversary today.


GIRL;"You forgot didn't you!"

BOY;"O-of course not.."

GIRL; "Yeah you did! I can tell when you're lying. I can't believe after 5 years you forget this day!"

BOY; "But babe, I'm sorry."

GIRL; "No. Shut up! I'm gonna go and cool off."

BOY; "Wait babe!"

*The girl rushes off the house.*

*The boy gets his phone*

BOY; "Hey, meet me at my house now. She's gone."
-an hour later-

BRO1; "I'm sure your girlfriend would love this."

*The girl's phone rings*

GIRL; "Hello?"

BOY; "Babe, where are you?"

GIRL; "You know where."

BOY; "Creamaria?"

GIRL; "You know I like to eat ice cream when I'm sad."

BOY; "I'll be there."

-10 minutes later-

*The boy walks up the the girl. He was wearing a tuxedo.*

GIRl; "Why are you dressed up?"

BOY; "Just come with me my princess."

*The boys offers her a hand and she gladly takes it*

-The arrive at his house-

BOY; "Be ready for the time of you life."

GIRL; "Okay."

*When the door opened there was a table for two and rose petals on the ground trailing to the table.*

BOY; "Let's eat."

GIRl; "Oh my gosh, thi-this is amazing."

BOY; "All for you my love.. but wait."

*The boy runs to a room and back*

BOY; "A princess needs a tiara...but my future wife deserves a ring."

*The girl's eyes water*

BOY; "I've always loved you. I wanted to make this perfect. Will YOU marry me?"

GIRL; "YES! YES I would!"

*He stands up and kisses her in the lips.*

GIRl; "I can't believe this."

BOY; "Well believe it my princess."

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