Spotted Puppy- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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I was sat on my couch in my London apartment. I had a long day at work and was currently curled up with a glass of wine and Hell’s Kitchen playing on the television. Eagerly waiting for my boyfriend, Harry, to come home so we can cuddle.

As if on cue, he opened the door, but he didn’t stand all the way in, only poking his curly head of hair in the door.

“Y/N, Babe?” He asked, his eyes looking left and right until he saw me on the couch. I gave him a weird expression and he chuckled.

“Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” I raised my eyebrow and shook my head, then finally closing my eyes. I could hear Harry whispering to something behind him before I heard his footsteps approaching me. Something warm was dropped onto my lap and I didn’t dare touch it.

“Open your eyes babe.” He whispered hotly in my ear, sending chills down my spine.

I opened my eyes to a puppy. A little Dalmatian puppy was sat on my lap, looking up at me with big blue eyes, obviously upset I wasn’t petting him.

“Harry!” I exclaimed “Is he mine?!”

“He’s ours, I know you get lonely when I’m on tour, and you had to leave your family dog in America when you came here, so I thought this could be our family dog.” He looked down at me while I played with the little puppy, he was licking my hands before he jumped off my lap and began to waddle around the apartment.

I got off the couch and followed the puppy around a bit before walking back over to Harry who was watching contently.

“Harry, he’s darling. Thank you so much.” I whispered, putting my arms around his neck and playing with his hair.

“Anything for you, Y/N.” He whispered back, his plump lips slightly grazing mine as he spoke. Our lips touched, as our kiss grew more heated, I put my legs around Harry’s waist as he picked me up and put me on the top of our couch. His large hands moving up and down my body, rising up my shirt as I did to his. Our kissing was abruptly stopped when Harry started giggling; I looked down to see our puppy pawing at Harry’s jean covered leg. He was whimpering and looking back and forth between Harry and me.

“Someone isn’ t too keen on seeing affection, huh?” I giggled softly as Harry scooped up the puppy with ease.

“What should we name him?” He asked, holding the small puppy in his large hand.

“Patch. Like the character in 101 Dalmatians.” I smiled as Patch took his name with the black around his eye.

“Patch. I like it.” Harry pondered, “Do you like your name? Patch?” He asked the pup in a baby voice that made me laugh. I reached down to kiss the puppy as Harry leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“It’s getting late, let’s eat, make the dog a cot, and then go to bed.” His lips touched my ear as he spoke and I shuddered. Nodding quickly, I put the dog down and let it run around the flat, watching Harry wink at me before he turned around and chased Patch.

Once we made Patch a little pillow bed in the kitchen, Harry and I went up to our shared bedroom, he couldn’t keep his hands off of me the entire time. I jumped into our bed as Harry shut the door. He slowly turned and looked at me as he took off his shirt, stalking towards me, he put an arm on either side of my body and leaned forward, pushing me onto the mattress. His lips attacked mine as we continued our earlier make-out session. His lips were on my neck and his hands were tugging on the bottom on his shirt. Sitting up, I grabbed the ends of his Rolling Stones shirt and threw it over my head, revealing my bare breasts to Harry. His eyes became significantly darker as he scanned my top half, a moan came from the back of his throat as he pushed me back down on the bed and started kissing me from my neck down to the top of my panties.

“Harry, please.” I pleaded, he placed a kiss on the fabric covering my lower half, before sliding his hands up my legs to my hips and pulling them down, once off, he threw them off to the side with the Rolling Stones shirt. I was breathing heavily as he took one long lick up my pussy. His nose bumped my clit and a soft moan escaped my lips. My fingers were tangled in his soft curls, pushing him towards my heated center as he ate me out. The tips of his fingers pressed into my thighs, almost massaging them as his tongue moved in and out of my dripping hole. He moved his head to the sides so his nose intentionally tapped my clit; I raised my hips and moaned as he repeated this process.

“H-Harry, I’m close,” I moaned and he stopped. Coming up to my face and placing a kiss on my nose. I could practically smell myself on his mouth.

“Not yet, Y/N” He whispered, bringing a hand down to his penis and aligning himself with me. He looked down at me with loving eyes and my heart skipped a beat as I nodded for him to go, he slowly pushed himself inside me and I closed my eyes. I heard him moan as I felt his heart beat faster as well. He pushed all the way in me and I opened my eyes, they met his and we both exhaled a breath we didn’t know we were holding in. He stayed there before moving back out slowly. I pulled his body closer to mine as his hips rocked against me, he filled me so perfectly, his sweaty body molded into mine as I held his head as he left love bites on my neck.

“Harry…” I moaned to the ceiling as his tip grazed my sensitive spot. He did it once more but with more force, making me moan louder and scratch my nails down his sculpted back.

“Ugh, Y/N, you’re so beautiful” He groaned against my neck before picking himself up by his forearms and watching my face as he slid in and out of me. I put my hands on his chest and ran my fingers over the swallows on his collarbones, knowing they’re my favorite tattoos of his he smiled down at me, before closing his eyes and slowing his pace a bit.

“Y-Y/N, Are you close?” He whispered, bringing a hand down where we connected and began rubbing my clit. I arched my back into him, my breasts touching his bare chest, his pace quickened and he kept going as my moans became louder.

“Baby, l-look at me…” He stuttered above me and I looked up at him, it truly was a gorgeous site, his curls stuck to his forehead as his dark green eyes scanned my face, I felt my stomach grow hot with pleasure as his name left my lips one more time, I brought him down on me quickly as I felt my body tense, my legs shaking and I moaned over Harry’s shoulder. His breathing quickened in my neck as his body tensed on top of mine and I felt him empty himself into me. He relaxed his clammy body on mine and I played with the curls on his head. He rolled off of me and left a lingering kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes when I heard the sound of scratching coming from the door, followed by little cries.

“Harry…I think someone wants in.” I whispered and he chuckled into my hair before dropping his feet off the bed, tossing me a shirt, as he put on his boxers before heading over to the door. I watched him bend down and pick up Patch and hold him close to his broad chest. I held out my arms and wiggled my fingers for the little spotted puppy.

“Maybe he got scared.” I questioned, playing with his ears.

“With your moaning, I would be too.” He replied, poking my cheek.

“Hey now, maybe it was your animalistic groans that woke him.” I turned my head and stuck my tongue out at Harry who mocked my action. We looked down to see Patch lightly snoring on my lap. I picked him up gently and put him on the edge of the bed, then covered him with a blanket. Falling back into Harry’s arms, I rested my hand on his chest.

“He’s like a little baby.” I whispered, tracing over Harry’s tattoos.

“Don’t worry, Y/N, we’ll have our own soon.” I looked up to see Harry smiling down at me, then placing a delicate kiss to my forehead, before I returned my head back to his chest.

“I love you, Y/N” He murmured in my hair.

“I love you too, Harry.” I breathed, before drifting off to sleep.


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